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Some people don't see the point of spending the extra cash on designer clothes, but others will take all steps necessary to afford name-brand duds. Do you know how to stretch your dollars to afford the most coveted clothes?

Where can name-brand clothes be purchased?

Believe it or not, name-brand clothes can be found at discount stores and even warehouse clubs. However, most designers produce high-end clothes for the mall stores and another, lower-quality line for the discount outlets.


What type of online designer sale usualy requires you to pick up your order in person?

Although you can buy used clothing online via consignment sales, you generally have to go into the store to pick up your purchase.


How much can you expect to pay for a pair of Roberto Cavalli heels when purchased via an auction site?

The beauty of online auction sites, like eBay, is that items worth hundreds of dollars often go for much less, though not always.


True or false: Outlets are not available online.

It's no longer necessary to drive to out-of-the-way outlet malls for your discount shopping fix. The industry has gone digital, and most outlet stores now have their own Web site.


What type of sale is well known among the parenting community, in particular?

Most little kids aren't very hard on their clothes, so many parents re-sell them at consignment sales for a fraction of the price. This, of course, equates to significant savings for the next purchasers of said used duds.


True or false: There's no difference in quality between name-brand and discount clothes.

Although not necessarily true in all cases, name-brand clothing is higher in quality than the discount variety.


It's entirely possible for a shopper at a consignment sale to find which of the following?

Most consigned clothing is used, but it's not uncommon to find clothes with the original tags still in place.


Who is it generally priciest to buy new, designer clothing for?

Overall, women's clothing is more expensive than anyone else's. Some ladies get around this by purchasing men's running shoes and coats in smaller sizes.


What name-brand articles may be worth buying at full price?

Certain accessories last multiple seasons, like handbags, shoes, bras and belts. It's smarter to splurge on these items, rather than shirts and dresses, which can go out of style in a matter of months.


True or false: Coupons are just for grocery shoppers.

Although they're not as plentiful as their supermarket-oriented counterparts, coupons for retail items are definitely available. Check print and online advertisements for discount codes and coupons.


What's the best time of year to get deals on bathing suits and other warm-weather items?

Shopping at the end of each season is a great way to save money on clothes, as stores are trying clear out their current inventories to make room for the next quarter's duds. Look for summer pieces in August, January for winter garb and so on.


What's an easy way to get your clothes to last longer?

Many people consider a garment past its prime when the hem requires stitching or a button falls off. Take minor mending into your own hands to keep them around longer. Also, avoid the dryer, because the repeated heat exposure breaks clothes down more quickly than line-drying.


True or false: Everyone will know if you're not wearing designer underwear.

Who needs to pay for overpriced undies when the cheaper ones are just as cute and serve the same purpose?


What particular wardrobe pieces are worth a little extra cash?

Some pieces can be worn for work and play, so they're usually a sound investment. The next time you find a pair of designer black pants that fit perfectly, go ahead and snatch them up!


True or false: It's a good idea to buy sale items in a smaller size for when you lose weight.

Wait until your diet actually takes effect. If you buy the items and have a tough time fitting into them, they'll be a waste of hard-earned money.


Where are the best used pieces of clothing often found?

Nice neighborhoods often equal nice stock in local thrift stores. Many shoppers find designer jeans, shoes and even suits at thrift stores located in the swanky end of town.


What's the cheapest and easiest way to obtain name-brand clothes and accessories?

If you're lucky enough to have a friend with the same taste and clothing size, try trading pieces every so often to breathe new life into your wardrobes.


What's a must for every household, whether you're single or married with eight kids?

Not everyone needs a walk-in closet or a wet bar, but it's critical for every household to have a budget to keep spending in check. Allocate a certain amount per paycheck for clothing and other expenditures to avoid unwanted debt.


How can you easily avoid overdoing your clothing-related spending?

It's harder to part with cash, plus you'll know you've reached your maximum spending limit when you don't have any money left!


What pieces of clothing will give you the most bang for your buck?

Garments like coats, pants and handbags in neutral colors are versatile, so you'll end up wearing them more often than something like a trendy purple jacket.


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