Quiz: Sandwich Facts You Can Sink Your Teeth Into
Sandwich Facts You Can Sink Your Teeth Into
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The sandwich, while not officially named until the 18th century, started thousands of years ago when a rabbi put herbs between two pieces of matzoh. Is your sandwich knowledge only enough to fit between two pieces of bread or can you pile it high? Test your skills.

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Who invented the sandwich?
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Who made the Monte Cristo sandwich famous in the United States?
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What is NOT another name for a hero sandwich?
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What is the record for the largest, open-faced sandwich?
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True or False? The Philly cheesesteak was invented at a pizza restaurant.
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In 18th century England, sandwiches were primarily for what group of people?
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The famous Stage Deli in New York city got its start, catering to what performers at what place?
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Who first patented the peanut butter making process?
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True or False? There really was an Earl of Sandwich.
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How many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (PB&J) will the average American eat by the time he or she graduates high school?
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What did NOT contribute to the rise of the sandwich in the early 1900's?
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What are the main ingredients on a Cuban sandwich?
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True or False? The phrase, BLT, originated during World War II as mess hall abbreviation.
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In the early days of sandwiches, what was the main difference between American and English sandwiches?
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What are reasons people don't always like to serve sandwiches for dinner?
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True or False? Subway has more franchises than McDonald's.
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Where was the Sloppy Joe created?
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What is the favorite sandwich of musical legend, Elvis Presley?
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