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Many people enjoy hunting for game and often the entire family gets involved in a hunt. Any time people use guns, crossbows or other hunting weapons the need for safety is of prime importance. Every hunter should complete weapons safety training. Take our quiz to learn more about hunting safely.

What attributes do you need to be a good hunter?

Hunting requires you to be focused, skilled and patient.


If you're not careful, what kind of injuries can you sustain?

The worst kind is the life-ending kind, usually from the accidental firing of your weapon or being mistaken as quarry by another hunter. The list of possible injuries is endless, ranging from a fall to being attacked by an animal.


What is one thing that anyone should do before heading out on a hunting trip?

All three possible answers are a good idea, but of primary importance is to take a qualified hunting safety course. It is important for you to know about potential dangers before heading out on a hunt.


What is a requirement of any good hunting safety course, whether it's conducted in a classroom or online?

Most programs require hunters to participate in a field day that includes a shooting test to demonstrate they have learned and can apply the lessons from the course. In the United States, many states require hunters to take a safety course before they can apply for a hunting license.


What is the goal of the International Hunter Education Association’s online course in hunter safety?

The IHEA encourages hunters to use its course only as a supplement to a traditional local hunting safety program.


What is a tree stand?

A tree stand is a platform located high in a tree to allow a hunter an elevated view from which to hunt. A person must climb up the tree in order to access the platform.


What is another advantage of a tree stand besides an elevated view?

A tree stand allows a hunter to avoid leaving a strong ground scent that game might detect. Tree stands provide a very small surface upon which the hunter kneels, sits or stands.


What is very important when you are using a tree stand?

You must stay aware of where you are in relation to the edge of the platform. You should not focus on any target to the detriment of your spatial awareness.


What is one of the greatest dangers in using a tree stand?

Getting on and off a tree stand safely can be quite challenging. There is also the trip up or down the tree to take into account when deciding to use a particular tree stand.


What should you always use on a tree stand?

You should always use properly designed fall restraints and harnesses when on a tree stand. Even if you are careful, there is always the chance of falling asleep or slipping off the stand while waiting for game.


What do you need to do when you use the proper restraints for a tree stand?

It is important to wear your restraints from when you begin your climb until the moment you are safely on the ground again. You should also have a plan on how to lower yourself safely to the ground if your restraint system catches you after a fall.


What should you do if possible every time you hunt?

Whenever possible, you should go hunting with at least one companion. You and your partner can watch out for one another as you hunt.


What should you do any time you hunt alone?

Let someone else know when and where you will be hunting. You should also establish a time when you will be in contact with that person to let him or her know you are fine at the end of your hunting trip.


What should you keep in mind while you are out hunting?

You should always leave the hunting area cleaner than when you arrived, but the answer is to assume that you're not the only hunter in the area. Wear hunter orange to make sure you're not mistaken for a game animal.


What clothing should be the color of hunter orange?

Ideally, you should wear an orange vest or jacket as well as a hat to help prevent other hunters from mistaking you for game. You want to make sure that you are always visible and identifiable as a human being.


In New York State, what percentage of hunters were not wearing blaze orange when they were accidently shot between 1989 and 1995?

According to the CDC, out of all the injury reports that involved two or more hunters, 76 percent of the incidents involved people who were not wearing hunter orange at the time.


How many of the 259 shooting accidents in which the hunter was not wearing hunter orange occurred because the shooter thought the victim was game?

The CDC report listed 259 accidents in which the injured hunter was not wearing hunter orange. In 125 of those cases, the accident was a result of one hunter mistaking another for game.


What should you carry with you any time you go hunting?

Both waterproof matches and safety flares are a good idea, but a bright flashlight is recommended in case you end up in the woods at dusk or after dark. An inexperienced hunter may still take a shot at night, so a flashlight will help insure that you are recognized as a human after dark.


What should you do when you finally have a game animal in your sights?

Every time you fire at game, you want to make the best shot that kills humanely while leaving the most meat. You also need to verify your target is actually a game animal and to be aware of what is between you and your target and beyond it.


What safety principle does every hunter need to be fully aware of all the time?

Follow gun safety practices at all times and always treat every gun as if it were loaded -- even if you're certain it is unloaded. Too many accidental deaths are caused by "unloaded" guns. You should keep your gun's action open and load it only when you're ready to use it.


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