Quiz: Saddle Up And Take On This American Frontier Quiz
Saddle Up And Take On This American Frontier Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Are you a trivia buff who thinks might have what it takes to ace a quiz about the American Frontier? Do you know what town the first gold strike was in? Did you know the reason that Judge Roy Bean was almost hung? What about the term "Red Light District;" do you have any idea where that came from? 

We get that you're a true trivia master with a thirst for knowledge. You love to explore new topics, and you love even more to show off your knowledge of the subjects that you have become an expert in. There are tons of different types of subjects you have studied, and there are still many more out there you have yet to learn, but you'll get there.

Where do you stand when it comes to your knowledge of the American frontier? It was an amazing time in our countries history, and although it has been studied voraciously, for many of us, there still is much to learn. So are you ready to put your knowledge to the test?  Do you think that Wyatt Earp was actually the sheriff of Tombstone Arizona? Do you know why sawdust was spread on the floors of bars back in the frontier days?

Let's see if you have the skills to ace this quiz!

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Who did bounty hunters hunt in the Old West?
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What famous rush attracted Americans out West?
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What was the name of the band of outlaws led by Butch Cassidy?
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Where was gold famously discovered in America?
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Which famous lady outlaw was called The Bandit Queen?
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The belief in Manifest Destiny was used to justify:
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People who lived on the frontier mostly ate:
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Which disease often killed entire frontier families?
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Who were the vast majority of those headed west?
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Which famous outlaw may have never actually killed anyone?
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How old was Billy the Kid when he died?
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Were any women doing the work of cowboys?
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Wyatt Earp was famous for being a:
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How were outlaws often punished when caught?
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How did hundreds of thousands of pioneers travel across the West for the first time?
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How were the hygiene habits of early settlers and migrants?
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What unusual thing did pioneers use to fuel fires as they traveled?
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What did a region need before it could become an official state?
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One in four American cowboys was:
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What trade boomed in the Old West?
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For people on the frontier winters were very:
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The famous Oregon Trail goes between which two points?
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What did settlers unknowingly bring with them?
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What famous event began westward expansion in America?
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How did doctors of the day try to treat venereal diseases?
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How did some homesteaders try to find clean water?
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Which place in the Old West was considered the most lawless place in the country?
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What were cowboys famous for?
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During which century did the golden age for American cowboys take place?
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How did the settlers mostly get Native Americans to give up their land?
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Cowboys would often spend their down time at:
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