Rule the World for a Day and We'll Tell You What Country You Should Be Queen Of

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For most of the history that we have been told, certain people and families held the power in different societies. Whether the public elected them, they won a war, or it was their birth-right, these people controlled the resources and made decisions on behalf of the country. 

Many of the great rulers are remembered for the advances that they made for their countries. There were also those who are remembered for almost destroying the society which they lived in, either causing them to resign from their post or to be removed by force. 

Each ruler has a different style in which they govern their country whether that be a democracy, a dictatorship, a monarchy, a constitutional government or a confederation. 

If you ruled the world for just one day, what kind of laws will you be implementing and where will your headquarters be found? Tell us all of the things that you are going to do with your day of power, and we will tell you which of the many countries in the world you should rule. If you would like to find out, then you can start by taking this quiz.

What would your title be?

What color will the world’s flag include?

Where would your headquarters be?

What is the first thing that you are going to do?

Which of these singers will you have perform at your celebratory ceremony?

Which of these world leaders (dead or alive) would you want as your second in command?

What is the main problem in this world?

Which of these other problems is important to you?

Which of these monarchs will your reign be like?

What kind of government would you have established?

Which of these mottos do you like?

Which of these quotes about power do you like most?

Who would be your national hero?

What is the first thing that you would ban?

How stressful do you think this job will be?

Which of these places would you send aid to?

Which of these currencies would be the world’s currency?

Which of these fields will you be putting a lot effort into?

Your world will be run on…

More countries are asking for their independence, what do you do?

Do you think that you’ll have new enemies after the day?

Which royal would you marry?

How will you deal with the people who oppose you?

How many people will you have in your army?

If you could do one illegal thing on this day, which of these would it be?

If you make it out alive, what would you call your autobiography?

Will you be legalizing marijuana?

Which of these will you have built in your honor?

How will you choose your successor?

What are you going to do when you retire?

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