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One of the greatest competitions in sports history, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the game of soccer in recent years. Test your knowledge of the two legends and their rivalry.

Who has the most goals in El Clasico matches?

Messi has more, but note that he's also played more matches than Ronaldo.

Who is the older player?

Ronaldo is two years older than Messi.

Who started their career with the same club they still play for?

Messi began his career with Barcelona and still plays for the team.

Who is the taller footballer?

Don't ask Messi to reach the top shelf; he's 5 feet 7 inches compared to Ronaldo's 6 feet 1 inches.

Who shares a name with another famous footballer from a South American country?

The Brazilian footballer Ronaldo is retired now but is still considered one of the greatest of all time.

What honor has Messi won four times in a row?

From 2009-2013, Messi won the FIFA Balloon d'Or each year.

Who is known for dating models?

While Messi has been with his girlfriend for years, Ronaldo has had a string of high-profile relationships.

Who plays forward?

Both players are in the same position, making their styles even easier to compare.

Who is sponsored by Nike?

Messi is the face of rival Adidas.

What is the El Clasico match?

The annual game is highly anticipated to see Messi and Ronaldo go head to head.

Who has the most goals with their international team?

As of 2015, Ronaldo has more goals with Portugal than Messi does with Argentina.

Who holds the UEFA Champions League record for hat tricks?

Messi has scored three goals in a single game five times.

Who suffered a knee injury in 2015?

Messi was out for two months after injuring himself during a September 2015 game.

Ronaldo is famous for scoring a goal in the midst of what horrifying injury?

After Ronaldo's eye was cut with an elbow to the face in a 2012 match, he scored a goal despite the bloody wound.

Who has scored a goal in every minute of a game?

So obviously it wasn't the same game, but throughout his career Ronaldo has managed to make a goal in minutes one through 90.

Who holds the Guinness World Record for most official goals in a year?

Messi holds the record, for 91 in 2012.

But who has scored against every La Liga team in consecutive games?

Messi laughs at Ronaldo's scattered goals and instead scored a goal against each team in a row.

Who has scored 50 goals in five consecutive seasons?

Ronaldo became the first player in La Liga to score 50 goals, five seasons in a row in 2015.

Who has scored the most goals in a UEFA Champions League game?

Messi shares the five-goal record with Luiz Adriano.

Who was the youngest player to ever make 100 Champions League appearances?

In 2015, Messi became the youngest player to show up in a Champions League game 100 times.

Not to be outdone, what honor has Ronaldo won four times?

To be fair, Ronaldo didn't win the European Golden Shoe four years in a row — but he is the only player to win it four times.

Who has a baby son but has never publicly revealed the baby's mother?

Ronaldo became a father in 2010; the mother wished to remain anonymous and granted full custody to Ronaldo.

Who has won the UEFA Best Player Award twice in its five-year history?

The prize is selected by journalists and has been awarded to Messi twice since 2010.

Who has scored against every La Liga team?

Yup, both players have scored against every team in the Spanish league.

Who was arrested in 2005 on an accusation of rape?

The charges were later dropped against the then-Man U footballer.

Who has scored the most international goals in a year with both their club and national team?

Both Messi and Ronaldo — and Vivian Woodward — have scored 25 goals in a year.

Where has Ronaldo been plagued with injury?

Ronaldo has had a series of issues with both his thigh muscles and ankle.

Who was accused of tax fraud?

Messi and his father were accused of putting money in offshore accounts.

What player is the all-time leader in appearances at El Clasico matches?

Okay, kind of a trick question — while Messi has made 31 appearances, there are several players who have made more.

Who was born in the same city as Che Guevera?

Messi and Guevera were both born in Rosario, Argentina.

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