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When romance is in the air, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're with the one you love. There are, however, a number of places that are considered really conducive to romance. Take this quiz and learn about the most romantic kissing spots in America.

Since the Guinness Book of World Records lists the longest kiss at 30 hours, 39 minutes and 27 seconds, how many calories did the couple potentially burn together?

Passionate kissing burns about two calories per minute and so the potential number of calories burned was 7,356.


On which island would you be if you were viewing the Olympic Peninsula and the Cascade Mountains?

You would be at American Camp, at the southern end of San Juan Island.


Which state has a romantic motto?

The state motto of Virginia is "Virginia is for Lovers."


What is regarded as one of the most romantic spots in Virginia?

The lovely Barboursville Vineyards, situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the top romantic places in Virginia.


Where in Texas would you go to get away from the cities and enjoy the starry skies?

The McDonald Observatory is 160 miles (258 kilometers) from the nearest town, giving you a dark sky with bright stars.


Where in South Carolina would you find stone bridges, canal locks, an old mill and a romantic canoe ride?

The Landsford Canal State Park will definitely put anyone in the mood for romance.


Where did Edgar Allen Poe spend hours reading poetry to his sweetheart, Sarah Whitman?

Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island, is a building dating from about 1838 where Edgar whispered sweet nothings to Sarah.


Which was the favorite "kissing" bridge in Pennsylvania in the days of horses and buggies?

The 96-feet-long (29-meter) McConnell's Mill Bridge offered an ideal opportunity for young couples to kiss while passing under it in a horse and buggy.


What is the main attraction of Lake Metigoshe?

As the northernmost place in North Dakota on the Canadian border it is an ideal spot to gaze together at the northern lights or the Milky Way far from city lights.


What National Monument in New Mexico is an inspiring location for lovers?

A moonlight walk in the gypsum sand formations of the White Sands National Monument is an unforgettable experience.


Where in New Jersey would you expect to find numerous gardens, wildlife sanctuaries or pieces of quartz polished by the waves?

Cape May, New Jersey is a romantic old Victorian town.


If you were in New Hampshire looking for a deserted spot with an awe-inspiring view of the Presidential Range, the Berkshires and Vermont foothills, where would you go?

The Pitcher Mountain Trail is an easy 15-minute hike up to the flat mountaintop of Pitcher Mountain.


You have reached Nevada and want to cuddle under overhanging rock formations and stroll along hiking paths with glimpses of a lake, where would you park?

Valley of Fire is a small desert state park with views of Lake Mead.


You're in Nebraska and want to sit by a wood-burnings stove in a picturesque general store, sip wine and exchange kisses, where would you head?

Not as scary as you may think, the Meadville ghost town would be your destination.


Since your partner is a fan of "Gone With the Wind," where would you look for that ambience in Mississippi?

The ruins of Windsor, the largest antebellum mansion in Mississippi would be the place for you.


After someone told you about a moonbow or lunar rainbow that happens at night in Kentucky, what destination would you enter in your GPS?

You would head for Cumberland Falls, sometimes called the Niagara of the South.


There is something romantic about a nighttime Ferris wheel ride and so where can you enjoy one in Illinois?

The 150-foot-high (46-meter) Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is what you want.


What is the main attraction of the Na Pali Coast State Park in Hawaii?

This park has green rainforests and deep valleys flanked by high cliffs.


Where in Florida would you look for gnarled oak trees, footbridges crossing windswept dunes and beautiful Atlantic beaches?

Amelia Island is a lovers' paradise.


In California where can you find romantic pathways along a rugged coastline, secluded beaches and hidden grottoes?

The Mendocino Headlands State Park is the place and will certainly get you into the mood.


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