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Fixing a broken lamp yourself is easy! It gets even easier when you take our quiz and get step by step instructions on exactly how to do it. Most hardware stores stock the necessary equipment, in a variety of colors and tones to match your décor.

What size zip cord is suitable for most lamps?

A lamp cord is known as zip cord or type SPT. Size #18 is the most satisfactory size.


What is the general length of a lamp cord?

The general length of a lamp cord is six feet (1.8m), but you can use as much cord as you need.


How can you figure out how much cord you will need to buy?

To figure out how much cord you will need to buy, measure the length of the old cord (including what is hidden inside the lamp) and add one foot. It is better to have a slightly longer cord than to have to rely on extension cords.


When should you not use a screwdriver to pry the socket apart?

Don't use a screwdriver to pry the socket apart if you are planning on reusing the socket. Rather squeeze and pull the socket and shell.


How far from the lamp's base should you cut off the old cord?

You should cut off the old cord 12 inches (30cm) from the lamp's base. Slit the cord's two conductors apart, and strip about an inch of insulation off the ends.


What should you cover the splice between the old and new conductor ends?

You will need to twist the new and old conductor ends together. Cover the splice with electrical tape.


How much insulation should you strip from the end of each conductor?

You should have 3 inches of separated conductors. Strip 3/4 of an inch off the ends of the conductors and twist them together.


In what direction should you bend the ends of each wire?

Bend the twisted end of each wire into a clockwise loop and attach the loops to the terminal screws on the socket.


Where should all non-insulated wires be placed?

All non-insulated wires should be placed under the screw heads. If there is any exposed wire, you will need to unscrew the terminal screws and make the connection again.


What kind of plug should be installed at the other end of the cord?

You should install a quick-clamp plug. They are very easy to install.


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