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Reverse osmosis is a process that can be used to separate two substances. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of reverse osmosis and how we use it.

Reverse osmosis uses what three substances?

Reverse osmosis uses a solute, solvent, and solution.


If you have salt, water, and saltwater, which substance is the solution?

A solution is a mix of solute and solvent, so saltwater is the solution.


What is one thing that happens in osmosis?

For osmosis to occur, a solvent must move through a semipermeable membrane.


What is a good example of a semipermeable membrane?

Gore-tex is a good example of a semipermeable membrane because it both lets vapor through and keeps liquid out.


How does reverse osmosis differ from osmosis?

Osmosis allows a solvent to move to a higher concentration solute, while reverse osmosis pushes the solvent to the lower concentration solute.


How does reverse osmosis occur?

Reverse osmosis needs to have applied pressure to occur.


Osmosis occurs naturally where?

Osmosis occurs naturally in our cells, when water passes in and out of our cell membranes.


Why does a solvent want to move to a higher concentration solution?

Solvents like to find equilibrium in nature.


Why does drinking saltwater make us sick?

Saltwater causes cells to draw water out of the cells, as in osmosis.


What plants and animals use osmosis?

All plants and animals depend on osmosis to live.


Where can you use reverse osmosis in your own home?

While most reverse osmosis processes are industrial, you can buy a reverse osmosis water filter for your home.


What's the most common form of reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is commonly used to desalinate water.


What's one thing reverse osmosis could NOT do?

Reverse osmosis cannot always reduce bacteria in water.


Along with removing salt from water, what else can reverse osmosis do to create safe drinking water?

Reverse osmosis can be used to filter impurities from wastewater.


Which industry does NOT use reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is used in dairy production and recycling, among other industries.


What common household condiment is made through reverse osmosis?

Maple syrup is distilled using a reverse osmosis process.


What is one of the disadvantages of reverse osmosis water filters?

Reverse osmosis filters can be extremely expensive.


What's one way reverse-osmosis desalination plants help recover costs?

Reverse osmosis plants can put the water they shoot out through a turbine, thus creating energy to power the plant.


What could reverse osmosis do for wine-making?

Reverse osmosis can filter out smoke, acids and even alcohol from wine.


What does NOT need to occur for reverse osmosis desalination to work?

Reverse osmosis desalination does require chemical pretreatment of water to remove large particles, as well as thorough membrane cleaning.


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