Respond to These Words That People Detest and We'll Guess Your Age

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When a guy describes your shoes as "delicious," does a shudder run down your spine? If your mom calls something "cray," do you feel embarrassed on her behalf? Or are you "totes amazed" that anybody would object to such phrases?

In this quiz, we want to know which words make you groan. Everybody hates at least a few common words, either because they refer to things that are gross in real life, such as "mucus" or "phlegm," or because they have a childish ring to them, like "hubby" or "preggers." Some people despise clever millennial slang terms like "AF," while others can't stand words that strike them as pretentious, like "curated" and "artisanal."

Interestingly enough, the type of words you detest may depend largely upon your age. Older people are often repulsed by "buzzy" business slang and millennial internet talk, while younger people are confused about why you'd ever say "parental units." Teenagers may be disgusted by out-of-date slang, while people in their twenties feel more tolerant of abbreviations than other groups. But do you hate the same words as other people your age, or were you born in the wrong generation? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

After lunch, your friend Claire claims to be "preggers" with a "food baby." How do you respond?

If a guy uses the word "methinks" around you, it makes you think that he's ... ?

What do you think of the word "moist"?

Is it "cray" to think that the continuous popularity of "cray" is "cray cray"?

Which business-jargon term is more annoying: "synergy" or "vertical"?

Have you ever commented "nom nom" on a picture of food? Why?

Does the word "panties" make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

If a woman refers to her partner as her "hubby," it makes you think that she is ... ?

Is it kosher to say "bling" in 2019?

When your waiter starts talking to you about "mouthfeel," what kind of thoughts run through your head?

Do you like it when Twitter users casually refer to their "tweeps"?

The word "mucus" is ... ?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "not very annoying" and 10 being "supremely annoying," how annoying is the word "bruh"?

Is "AF" over?

Calling your partner your "lover" is ... ?

Do you feel "meh" about the adjective "meh"?

You're at a hip restaurant. The menu makes frequent references to their "curated blend of spices," "well-curated wine list" and "farmer-curated vegetable medley." All these uses of the word "curated" make you think that this restaurant is ... ?

An internet acquaintance calls you a "sheeple." Are you impressed?

In a business meeting, your colleague won't stop using the word "irregardless." It makes you feel ... ?

Are you "totes" excited that "totes" can be used to abbreviate "totally"?

Adding "imo" or "imho" to the end of texts or internet comments is ... ?

Reading the word "cyst" makes you feel ... ?

On your first date with a girl, she won't stop saying that things give her "the feels." Dogs, cats, babies, fashionable shoes ... A wide variety of things seem give her "all the feels." How does her vocabulary make you feel about her?

If bread, soap or soda is labeled as "artisanal," does that make you more or less likely to buy it?

True or false: It's fine to say "whilst" in the course of casual conversation.

When people unironically talk about "manscaping," they sound ... ?

A blogger won't stop calling their partner "the boy." Is this adorable? Annoying? A hate crime?

What does "proactive" mean to you? Is it a pimple cleanser, call to arms, dumb business term or ... ?

When people call parents "'rents" or "parentals," it is ... ?

Have "influencers" helped our culture? Or have they only contributed the dubious word "influencer"?

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