Quiz: Respond to These Weather Situations and We’ll Guess Where in the U.S. You Live
Respond to These Weather Situations and We’ll Guess Where in the U.S. You Live
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Wiki Commons by Harbor12

About This Quiz

Is it really always sunny in Philadelphia? Based on where you live, your wardrobe, opinions about different types of weather, and maybe even a little bit of your personality might be different. In fact, some experts might think that the cultures of people in warmer clients might tend to be more relaxed, because they have never had to deal with the struggle of surviving harsh winters, like many of their northern neighbors! So, are you excited, annoyed by, or do you hardly even notice when it rains? Let us know. 

In this quiz, if you tell us how you feel about certain types of weather conditions, we will try to guess what part of the U.S. you live in! Are you a tough East Coaster or a relaxed West Coaster? Are you a true southern belle, or are you from the famously nice midwest? Give us your take on a number of different weather situations, and we will guess where in the United States of America you live. Put us to the test and see if we can guess where you live correctly and hit the nail right on the head. While it's hard to predict the weather, maybe this won't be so difficult! 

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Your neighbor tells you they are going to a nearby beach to swim in the winter, what do you say?

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If someone tells you it's snowing, how do you respond?

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If it's 100+ degrees outside, how do you feel about that?

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What do you wear to go run errands in the winter?

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How do you feel when southerners complain about cold weather?

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It's pouring rain, how do you feel?

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Do you always have sunscreen in your house?

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A hurricane is coming, what's your reaction?

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How would you feel if the temperature dropped very sharply at night?

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It's incredibly windy. Are you ready?

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How would you feel if it rained every day for weeks?

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How do you feel when you see people wearing shorts in the snowy winter?

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Which kind of rain are you most used to?

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What would you buy to get ready for winter?

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It's below 0 outside, how do you feel?

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What kind of day excites you most?

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Do you use heat in the winter?

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Your ideal weather lies between __________ degrees.

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How does wearing layers in hot weather sound to you?

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Which type of weather appeals to you most?

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Do you live for sunny weather?

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How is it for you to feel the ocean breeze?

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Which state's weather are you most jealous of?

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