Respond to These Situations and We’ll Guess Which Dog Breed You Are

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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered what kind of pure-bred dog you're really like? Most people assume that they should be matched to the dog breeds that most resemble them, i.e., if you're a fluffy blonde Reese Witherspoon type, you should be represented by a Pomeranian, or if you look just like Idris Elba, your pure-bred doppelganger is a St. Bernard. 

However, in actuality, dog breeds have many distinctive traits that have nothing to do with their appearances. For instance, poodles may look silly and frivolous, but they're actually extraordinarily smart and athletic. On the other hand, Rottweilers appear fierce but in fact are wonderful family dogs, getting along especially well with children. 

In order to honor the more complicated side of dog breeds, this quiz focuses on behavior. Instead of trying to find out which pure-bred dog you look like, we want to know which breed you act like! To find this out, we're going to ask you how you'd respond in a number of hypothetical situations, from the fun (Which Property Brother would you rather marry?) to the serious (What would you do if you found your boss going through your cell phone?). In each instance, we ask that you answer honestly so we can accurately match you to the breed that fits you best. Ready to get started? Let's play!

Your new boyfriend's ex asks you out for coffee. What do you say?

At a party, you overhear your best friend say something terrible about you. How do you react?

It's 1932 and you're stuck in the Alaskan tundra, running a lonely tavern. A man you like but aren't attracted to asks you to marry him. Do you agree?

Your dad is applying for a new job and asks you to look over his cover letter. It's badly written. What do you say?

Career-wise, you're going nowhere, but you have security and enough money to get by. Is this a good or a bad situation?

Your sister's husband is abusive. One day, she murders him in self-defense. Do you help her cover it up?

As a prank, a friend puts bouillon cubes in your showerhead, so that you bathe in chicken broth. How do you get back at her?

In one year, you will go deaf. What kind of music do you listen to in the meantime?

If you could only wear one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be?

You have two choices: live a normal life, age at a typical rate and die, or live forever as an eight-year-old. Which one do you choose?

By accident, you find out that your father-in-law has been training your baby to call him "Daddy." How do you handle it?

Both of the Property Brothers (Jonathan and Drew) are in love with you. They're identical twins, but Jonathan works with his hands while Drew is more of a businessman. Who do you pick?

What's your biggest regret?

Would you rather live in a large, poorly built house or a tiny, perfectly renovated apartment?

You go out dancing and meet a great person. One problem: they're 30 years older than you. Do you try to date them?

Let's say that you're living in "The Truman Show," i.e., your friends and family don't really love you; they're just actors. However, the real world outside is dangerous. Do you stay in your "Truman Show" simulation?

What's worse: wearing a wool sweater on a summer day or a T-shirt on a snowy day?

One night, you hear rustling outside your window, as if someone were trying to break in. Do you investigate or call the police?

Would you rather find true love or never see your mom again?

A genie offers you the choice of perfect abs or a perfect butt. Which one do you choose?

If you could start life again at age 17, but had to live it in a rough era such as the 1850s, would you?

Let's say you're stranded in the woods. What do you do for food?

Due to a strange medical condition, your partner will die if you don't massage them for 30 minutes every day. They're attractive, and you love most things about their personality. Do you stay with them?

To be honest, some jobs are dumb. If you had to pick one of these dumb jobs as a career, which one would it be?

If you had to life the rest of your life in drag as a "Friends" character, which one would you pick?

Would you rather smell indescribably good or have perfect hair?

Let's say you could rewrite history so that you're the author of one famous song (and get its royalties). Which one do you pick?

Imagine that you could save the lives of hundreds of people by only eating 700 calories a day. Would you?

One day at work, you catch your boss going through your phone. What do you do?

Would you rather be a superhero who has to work 80 hours a week or a boring person who only has to work 40 hours a week?

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