Respond to These Prompts and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Color

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About This Quiz

With hundreds of colors on the color spectrum, it's amazing how we come to prefer one over all the others. After you follow us through this quiz, we think we'll be able to figure out which one of the colors you call your favorite. All you have to do is take our prompts and our questions and fill in the blanks seriously! 

Not everyone chooses to go through life looking through rose-colored glasses. Some people are more comfortable when everything has a lemon-yellow haze. By the time you finish associating words and responding to the leads we've given you, we think we'll know your color preferences and where you tend to fall between warm and cool colors. Your color preferences are an extension of yourself, and your answers will give us the insight we need to figure out which one you love more than all the others. 

As you go through this quiz, try to keep your mind open and listen to the words that are on the tip of your tongue. It's only when we see how you respond that we can apply color theory to your personality and learn about your favorite one. Will we lead you in the right direction, or will you lead us astray? 

When we say "gold," which word comes to mind?

Never have I ever ...

Fill in the blank: The weather outside is ______.

What does the word "moist" remind you of most?

If you owned a restaurant, what type would it be?

Finish this sentence: Black cats make me feel ______.

What do you have in common with a Labrador retriever?

Look around. What's the first thing you see?

Which animal do you move like in the mornings?

What does the color orange make you think about?

When we say "baby," which word pops into your head?

Complete this sentence: My favorite color is ______.

When you're tired, what's your attitude like?

Fill in the blank: I make my best decisions with my _____.

How would you describe your last memorable dream?

I would never want to ...

Finish this sentence: The best thing about my job is _____.

What is your sense of humor like?

Which word do you most associate with the word "balance?"

Which type of pattern reminds you of your childhood?

When we say "work," what emotion do you feel?

Would you wear hot pink to your place of work?

If you see your next door neighbor, what is your reaction?

Fill in the blank: The worst color for shoes is ______.

Which activity do you find most boring?

When we say "tree," which word would you put with it?

If you had three wishes, which would you choose?

Finish this sentence: When I dance, I ______.

Sometimes, I like to ...

If I were a bird, I would ...

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