Respond to These Common Sayings and We'll Guess If You're a Baby Boomer

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About This Quiz

Baby Boomers are so special to us we had to create a quiz with you all in mind! All generations must take this extremely fun quiz that delves into some popular sayings we've all heard many times over. Respond to these common sayings and see if we can guess if you are a member of the Baby Boomer Generation or some other fantastic generation that evolved the Boomer lingo and cultivated much of the talk we use today.

Nothing is off limits on this personality test. Do you remember your movie lines, commercial slogans, and song lyrics? This generation drill is super culture heavy, so don't hold back on all you've absorbed during your young adulthood. And be proud of any overlap. If you find that you are familiar with most of what you see before you, that means that you are either a well-rounded individual or your reincarnation game is on "FLEEK," as the Millennials say. Gen-Xers are also strong in this quiz. Punk rockers, b-boys, b-girls, homegirls, valley girls, metalheads. . . they're all here. And there's certainly a special place for you Silent Generationers and your words of wisdom or wartime nostalgia. 

Time to begin your journey through the generations. Have at it!

"Where's the beef"?

"You deserve a break today..."

"Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions..."


"What happens in Vegas..."

"You're so basic!"

"Go ahead, make my..."

"Can't touch this!"

"Ah, ha, ha, ha"

"Just kidding."

"When in Rome..."

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"


"Can we talk?"

"It's a dog eat dog world."

"I'm gonna make him an offer that he can't refuse."


"I'll be back!"

"We are the world."

"Give it to Mikey..."

"Could have, should have..."

"You are really canceled!"

"Baby, don't forget my #!"


"Put the medal to the pedal."

"Here's the story of a lovely lady..."

"We all live in a yellow submarine..."

"There's no 'there' there."

"Sorry not sorry."

"Wash four distinct and separate times, using lots of lather each time from individual bars of soap."

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