Respond to These Fortune Cookies and We'll Guess When You First Got High

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Seriously, are you high right now? While you don't have to answer that, your responses to these fortune cookie sayings will tell us how old you were when you first got high. When you puffed the magic dragon for the first time, were you still in high school or did you save it for when you got older? 

Now legal in many states, getting a smokey buzz may or may not have had the same availability as the first time you tried it. From edibles to tinctures, there are now more ways to get stoned than ever before. Regardless of your habits these days, your reactions to some of the best fortune cookie sayings we could find will tell us how old you were when you broke on through to the other side. 

Will much success be with us and will our vision be clear? Will the road before us make way for a brighter tomorrow? Once you tell us what you think of the fortunes we give you, we'll know more about you than just the first time you got high. Luckily for you, all we want to know is when you started to experiment. Don't worry, we won't tell your mom!

Your immediate future holds an exciting time.

You will soon find something that you once lost.

Pleasure is just around the corner.

The time is right to make new choices.

You will step on the ground of many nations.

You will witness a special union.

Generous news is on the way to you.

Good luck is the result of good deeds.

Someone is coming to see you soon.

Never remain seated when you can stand.

One of your dreams will come true soon.

Fame soon awaits you.

Peace will reveal itself to you.

Happiness is a matter of the mind.

Look to yourself to find success.

Opportunity sits in the hand of those who hold it.

You will create your kingdom.

What doesn't kill you is called life.

Honor favors the brave.

Gluttony is a weakness which comes before failure.

Make sunshine, not rain.

Deep seas are made from tiny drops - be a tiny drop.

Be grateful and your plate will always be full.

You will soon water the plants of your mind.

Your friends will shine like beacons when you need them.

Let your light shine, and you will warm the world.

Adventure sits on your distant shore.

Your heart will soon undergo a transformation.

Colorful words will earn you favor.

Open the doors to intelligence and feel yourself grow.

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