Quiz: Respond to These Situations and We'll Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait
Respond to These Situations and We'll Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: d3sign / Mpment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Your entire personality is made up of many different traits. For the most part, they work in harmony together to make you who you are. However, everyone has one trait that dominates all the others. It makes all the final decisions and it's probably the thing that most people think of when they think of you. 

Instead of making you go through an intense psychological interview to determine your most dominant trait, we thought it would be more fun to see how you respond to certain situations. It's only after we see your instincts and your gut reflex that we will be able to clearly see your most dominant personality trait. 

Once you read the situation we have put you in, take a second to listen to your inner voice. Then, choose the response that your inner voice recommends. Try not to overthink any of the situations. Your purest response is the thing that will give away the trait with veto power over all the others. 

Are you more agreeable than you are open? After we put you through the situation wringer, we will be able to tell you. After that, getting your dominant trait in line is up to you!

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