Quiz: Do you know how to Repair a Toilet?

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Although usually reliable, a toilet can malfunction. Learning how to repair a toilet is easy. Save money, time and inconvenience by repairing a toilet yourself.

What is the most common problem with the toilet system?

Although extremely inconvenient, running out of toilet isn't technically a problem with the toilet. The most common problem is clogging.


Is continuously running water in the toilet a problem?

You should turn off the water and fix the problem as soon as possible because you could be running up a huge water bill.


Can toilet seats be replaced?

Toilet seats come in standard sizes and are easy to replace.


What is a common problem when trying to remove an old seat?

The damp environment can cause corrosion or rusting of the nuts and bolts that hold the seat in place.


What can you apply to loosen corroded nuts and bolts?

Apply penetrating oil and allow it time to work, which it does in most cases.


What could cause the water in the tank to flow continuously?

If the ball cock valve does not shut off water, it will continue to flow.


If the toilet does not flush adequately, what could be the cause?

When the tank ball falls back before enough water leaves the tank, not be enough water will flow into the tank to activate the siphon action (flushing).


How would you fix a misaligned float ball?

Carefully bend the float rod to move it back into place.


When the ball cock valve does not operate properly, what could the result be?

A malfunctioning ball cock valve could cause the tank to whistle.


What is the probable cause of moisture around the fixture?

Leaks are the usual cause of moisture around the toilet.


If oil does not work, what could you use to remove the corroded bolts holding the toilet seat in place?

You can carefully cut the bolts after protecting vulnerable parts of the ceramic bowl from accidental cracking caused by a slip of a hacksaw.


What's the most common way of clearing a clogged toilet?

Using a plunger can clear most clogs.


If there is insufficient water in the bowl to cover the plunger's suction cup, what should you do?

Add water from another source. Don't flush because it could make the toilet bowl overflow.


What is a plumber's snake?

A plumber's snake is a long piece of flexible wire that can be used to dislodge a blockage.


What happens when you push the handle on the tank?

The lever pulls on a linkage that raises the tank ball and releases water into the tank.


What's the first thing you should do to see why water flows continuously from the tank?

The first step is to raise the float arm to see whether it's letting the tank ball drop into the flush valve seat and stop the flow of water.


What's the purpose of the tank ball?

It fits into the flush valve seat, preventing the flow of water.


What does the overflow tube do?

It carries water into the bowl to prevent overflow from the tank.


What problem could a bent lift wire cause?

A bent lift wire could prevent the tank ball from fitting properly into the valve seat, causing a leak.


Why would you consider installing a temperator valve?

You should consider installing a temperator valve if the temperature of the water in the tank is usually lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The temperature difference can cause the tank to sweat and drip water onto the floor.


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