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Repairing a refrigerator may be simpler than you thought. Take this quiz to see how much you know about repairing a refrigerator.

Where in a fridge is the refrigerant liquid cooled?

The refrigerant liquid is cooled as it flows through the condenser coil. It then flows through to the evaporator coil, named so because the warm air from the refrigerator cools and evaporates as it comes into contact with the cool liquid-filled coil.


What does "frost free" refer to in a refrigerator or freezer?

"Frost free" refers to an automatic function that prevents the buildup of frost inside the refrigerator. A thermostat triggers a heater to turn on and melt the frost, and once melted, the fridge returns to the cooling cycle.


Why can a capacitor be dangerous?

Capacitors can store electricity. Before you start work on your refrigerator, make sure you unplug it and remove the capacitor if your refrigerator has one.


Where would you usually find the motor of a refrigerator?

The motor, compressor, condenser coil and condenser fan are usually found in the bottom section of a fridge. The control components are usually found at the top.


What is a refrigerator gasket usually made of?

A refrigerator gasket, usually made of rubber, functions as a seal around the door to keep cold air in and warm air out, helping the unit to run efficiently.


What can you use to test whether your gasket is creating a good seal?

If you place a dollar bill in the door and pull it out, there should be some resistance. If it slips out easily or falls out, you have a poor seal.


How should you prepare a replacement gasket before putting it on your refrigerator?

Leave your gasket in the same room as the refrigerator for 24 hours to allow it to reach room temperature and humidity, which make it pliable and easier to work with.


If the door won't seal because of a hinge problem, what is the simplest approach to fixing it?

The easiest approach is to adjust the leveling legs in the front by turning them counterclockwise a couple of times to tilt the refrigerator backward slightly.


What can you use to keep the door from sagging?

If you place a cardboard shim between the door and the hinge, or adjust an incorrectly placed shim, you may find your door no longer sags.


How is the refrigerator light activated?

A switch in the door activates the light in the refrigerator. It is released when the door is opened, turning the light on.


What tool is used to test whether the light switch is working?

A volt/ohm meter set to the RX1 scale should read zero. If the needle jumps, the switch is broken and needs replacing.


The limit switch is associated with what refrigerator function?

The limit switch is found only on frost-free refrigerators. It keeps the heating element from going above a set temperature.


If the blades of the refrigerator fan become bent, what should you do?

You can have a go at straightening the fan blades yourself using pliers. A defective fan can cause cooling problems, so if you can't get them working correctly, then you need to call a professional.


What is a likely cause of the compressor not running?

If the defrost timer is faulty, it may keep the compressor from running. Leaving the refrigerator door open is likely to make the compressor work harder, because it needs to cool the warm air entering.


When testing the function of the condenser fan, what should the volt/ohm meter (VOM) read?

You should see a reading between 50 and 200 ohms. If the meter reads more than 200 ohms, then the fan is faulty and needs replacing.


What should you use to clean the drain ports?

Wire should be used, since a toothpick can break and get stuck in the port. A blocked port drain port -- be it from ice, toothpicks or other debris -- can cause drainage problems when the refrigerator is defrosting.


What can be the problem with having a rubber drain hose?

A rubber drain hose can crack and cause leaks. During the defrosting cycle, the drain hose carries water to the drain pan, where it evaporates.


If there is water on the floor next to your refrigerator, what is the likely problem?

The likely problem is that the drain pan isn't properly aligned or has a crack. To fix the problem, tip the pan back in its brackets to straighten it or replace a broken one.


What is usually the cause of an automatic ice maker malfunction?

A water inlet valve feeds water to the automatic ice maker. Inside this valve is a strainer that can become blocked and cause a malfunction. To clean it, remove the strainer and wash with a stiff brush and mild liquid dish detergent.


What sort of smell does refrigerator coolant have?

Coolant has an acrid smell. If you smell it, you have a leak and must call professional to fix it.


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