Renovate a Fixer-Upper and We'll Guess Which HGTV Star You Are

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: HGTV

About This Quiz

HGTV stars make renovations look easy! (We all know it's not, of course!) During this quiz, you get the chance to fix up a home to your standards without breaking a sweat. Once you've turned it into the home of your dreams, it will be easy to tell with HGTV star you are most like when you're wearing your toolbelt. 

Shows like "Fixer Upper" and "Property Brothers" have turned all of us into home renovation experts. Week after week, we tune in to see how Mike Holmes or Joanna Gaines take neglected properties and turn them into beautiful works of art. Make some renovation choices with these questions, and we'll compare your style and your expertise with some of your favorite HGTV stars. Then, we'll tell you which one you are most like at heart! 

You'll be able to flip a house the way you want here, and there's no danger of it becoming a flop. From countertops to wall color and kitchen appliances, this is your chance to show HGTV how much of a star you could be on their network. Will you match up with the HGTV star you feel most connected with, or will it be a surprise? 

Those '70s cupboards have to go! How are you going to update them?

Would you consider adding carpet to any of your home's rooms?

Could you live without dual sinks in the master bathroom?

Your living room walls must be repainted. Which paint color would you choose?

Which former HGTV star would you hire as your advisor while you renovate?

You need to make space for a home office. Which room would you sacrifice?

How would you feel about having French doors in your bedroom?

The '80s left their flooring in your guest bathroom. How will you replace it?

What special feature would you think about incorporating into your fixer upper?

Curb appeal is everything. What sort of front door will you have?

Would you update your kitchen appliances or put the old ones back when you're done?

What sort of space are you going to put right outside your back door?

If you have to replace your home's exterior, what are you going to use?

Will you install a bidet in your new guest bathroom?

When you start renovating, which room do you tackle first?

A new sink would bring your kitchen into this decade. Which kind are you going to install?

Are you a bigger fan of shower stalls or bathtubs in the bathroom?

Would you have the courage to knock down a wall?

Look at your toolbox. Which tool will be most useful during your renovations?

How would you handle finding a bunch of shiplap underneath your wallpaper?

Would you keep the original brick work on a fireplace or update it?

You pull up the carpet and find hardwood floors. Will you recover them?

You've put in a kitchen island. What sort of countertops have you used?

When you redecorate after renovations, what style will you embrace?

It's trendy to paint cabinets in two different colors. How do you feel about it?

What sort of lighting would you use to brighten up your living room?

Would you add a chair rail or crown molding in the dining room?

Renovations are expensive. How big is your budget?

Which one of these systems would you feel most uncomfortable trying to revamp?

What will the entry way to your home look like when it's done?

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