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Red rings around your lips won't give you a reason to smile. Take our quiz to get lip care advice on removing those red rings.

The red ring around lips is commonly referred to as:

Excessive licking can remove natural oils around the lips leading to dermatitis.


Repeated exposure to these substances can lead to lip licker's dermatitis:

Water, soap, food or even wind or cold can cause lip licker's dermatitis.


Treating lip licker's dermatitis is simple.

Treatment involves avoiding the irritant.


If you can't kick the habit of licking your lips, this can help:

Petroleum jelly can restore moisture and promote healing.


The red ring around your lips can be caused by an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions, which are different than exposure to an irritant, can cause lip licker's dermatitis.


How many substances can cause allergic dermatitis?

There are more than 3,000 known substances that can cause allergic contact dermatitis.


Perfume is not an irritant.

Fragrances can cause allergic contact dermatitis.


An allergic reaction can eventually progress to:

A topical corticosteroid may be needed to treat blisters.


Allergic contact dermatitis may clear up on its own.

While it may clear up on its own, it can require treatments including moisturizers and oral antihistamines.


Lip licker's dermatitis can be red and itchy or:

Inflammation can take various forms including bumpiness.


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