Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Recycled Mattresses
Fact or Fiction: Recycled Mattresses
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Today, you can't do anything without being bombarded with information about sustainability and recycling. Take our quiz to see if you would know how to dispose of an old mattress in an eco-friendly way.

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Mattresses and box springs make up 5 perfect of the waste in our landfills.
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For every 1,000 mattresses that are recycled, 30 trees are saved.
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Recycling your mattress saves water, oil and trees.
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Mattresses are 100 percent recyclable.
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Any recycling facility will take your old mattress.
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It takes 10 years for a mattress to break down in a landfill.
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Every year in the United States, an estimated 20 million mattresses end up in landfills.
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If you find a recycling center that takes mattresses, it will come pick up your mattress free of charge.
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You can donate your mattress to the Goodwill under any circumstances.
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Every material that makes up a mattress can be recycled.
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Mattresses can created hazardous situations in landfills.
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The amount of space 100 recycled mattresses would save in a landfill is equal to the size of a football field.
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Mattresses aren't designed to come apart easily, making recycling them difficult.
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Used mattresses can contain bacteria, dust mites, viruses, spores or even bed bugs.
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A mattress recycling center can only recycle 10 mattresses per hour.
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A mattress's coils can be melted down and sold to steel companies.
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Any retailer can reuse the fabric of a mattress.
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You can recycle a mattress by recovering it and selling it as new.
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Mattress foam and stuffing can be recycled and used for carpet padding.
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A typical mattress takes up 18 cubic feet of landfill space.
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