Quiz: Real-life Wedding Crashers Quiz
Real-life Wedding Crashers Quiz
By: Staff
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They might not all be as handsome or charming as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, but wedding crashers do actually exist! Let's learn more about this brave, if slightly rude, group, shall we?

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True or False: All wedding crashers are just looking to have a good time and mean their unwitting hosts well.
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What sort of reception should a wedding crasher avoid at all costs?
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If true anonymity is what you desire, what should you avoid when crashing a wedding?
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True or False: Even Prince William and Kate Middleton's high-security wedding had crashers present.
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How did Tashana Landray and Angus MacLane make it up to the couple whose nuptials they crashed on their second date?
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What type of personality tends to enjoy crashing weddings?
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The state with the most reports of wedding crashers is which of the following?
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What other types of events are people tempted to crash?
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What's the penalty for wedding crashers busted in the act by the police?
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