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When you're getting dressed in the morning, do you reach for high-rise button fly jeans, drop-crotch velvet pants or a sensible pair of black slacks? Are you partial to over-sized blouses or crop tops? Do you treat your feet to platform Crocs, or are you slipping your toes into sandal booties, Dad sneakers or loafers? 

The answers to these questions will depend a lot on your age. Those who lived through the '70s find chalky blue eye shadow much more acceptable than the Gen Z kids do. On the other hand, if you're a millennial who suffered through cute guys wearing unflattering bucket hats in the '90s, you're probably not as excited as younger people are for this accessory's unexpected comeback. 

In this quiz, we're testing how closely your age is related to your fashion taste by asking you about the tackiest trends of the '70s, '80s, '90s, 2000s and 2010s. We want to know how you feel about face tattoos, purple hair, Tevas, muttonchops and more. If you give us your honest reactions to styles like these, we'll be able to guess your age with perfect accuracy. Don't think we can do it? Prove us wrong by taking this quiz!

You're meeting your boyfriend's mom for the first time. She shows up to lunch wearing linen pants with a white button-down shirt that has the collar popped. What does this tell you about her personality?

One of the most irritating trends of the 2000s was the non-functional headband. Given no other information besides the fact that she always wore one, would you be roommates with a lady who refused to let that trend die?

A man wearing an Ed Hardy shirt asks you on a date. He's OK-looking and seems normal; the only information you have about him comes from this fashion choice. Do you say yes or no?

In 2018, fanny packs were rebranded as "waist bags" and their sales took off! If your boss wore one to work on Monday, what would you do?

Today, you want to look fashion-forward, so you decide to punctuate your favorite outfit with a trendy accessory. Which one of these would you choose?

A guy who cultivates that "I haven't shaved in three days" look interviews for a job at your company. Do you hire him?

Let's say you're a divorced man, just starting to date again. Your friends set you up with a nice woman they know. She shows up to your date wearing a tiny, saucy vest. What's your immediate impression of her?

In the 1980s and 1990s, hip musicians like David Byrne and Lyle Lovett made bolo ties cool. However, in your opinion, can mortal men pull these off?

Back in the day, low-rise pants made muffin tops a daily danger for millions of women. Nonetheless, if you were given a choice between having to wear tight high-rise pants or tight low-rise pants for the rest of your life, which style would you choose?

You're home for Christmas and planning a winter walk through town, where you suspect you might run into your ex. Since it's so cold, your mom suggests you put on a down vest. Do you?

Are culottes sleek and fun or an evil invention that flatters no one?

If you were trying to look prim and proper, which one of these 2000s-era shoes would you put on?

At a shoe store, you try on some high heels made from clear plastic. Everyone says they look great on you. Do you buy them?

Your fiancé wants to wear a purple tux with a wide-collar shirt at your wedding. What do you tell him?

You're going camping and must choose a tacky 1990s "sports" shoe to wear the entire time. Which one will you pick?

If you were retirement age, how often would you wear a velour tracksuit around the house?

You've met the man of your dreams. He's handsome, wealthy, kind and funny. But in the facial hair department, he's sporting a "chin strap" beard, which he refuses to shave off. Do you stay with him?

Imagine you're a male. A time machine transports you to the 1970s, where you're encouraged to grow a pair of muttonchops. Would you, or would you embrace an edgier style?

How old is too old for a woman to wear knee-high socks?

A fortune teller informs you that blouses with cold shoulder cut-outs and puffy, ruffly sleeves will be in fashion for the next 50 years, becoming the only kind of shirt that the majority of women wear. Are you happy or sad about this?

Your daughter's SAT tutor is a young white man with several ill-considered tribal tattoos. Do you trust him to do a good job?

Rappers like Post Malone and Travis Scott have made face tattoos go mainstream. Let's say you didn't have to worry about your employer judging you for them ... would you get one?

Remember those weird sweater dresses from the 2000s? What would it take to get you to wear one?

Your best friend wants to dye her hair purple. Do you encourage her?

In your opinion, are the odd tan lines caused by knee-high gladiator sandals worth it because the look is so strong?

Tiny round Yoko Ono sunglasses: cute or nah?

Recently, Gigi Hadid wore a bucket hat, and it somehow looked chic on her. Does that inspire you to buy a bucket hat for yourself?

For the last 30 years, most jean stores have sold bootcut jeans, whether they were in fashion or not. How do you feel about that?

You're going to the beach to check out the tide pools. Your grandmother recommends wearing '90s-style jelly shoes since they provide protection from the rocks you'll be traveling over. Do you dare to put them on?

Your mom buys you a pair of expensive Balenciaga platform Crocs. What do you say?

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