Rate These Pizza Toppings and We'll Reveal if You Have a Male or Female Brain

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You've been there before. It has been a long day at work for you both, and neither one of you feels like cooking, so you decide to call up your favorite pizza joint for some pickup, or maybe even for some delivery if you're feeling really lazy. 

But when it is time to order, everything gets all sideways. The male in your pair is hankering for meat lovers, or at the very least some pepperoni and sausage, while the female is really in the mood for spinach and feta. This is not good. In all seriousness, relationships have ended over less.

If you have had a lot of pizza in your day, then you know that the type of pizza that gets chosen is often a lot different depending on if you are hanging out with males or females. I mean come on, is it really going to be the same types of pizza at the Superbowl party as you are going to get at the bridal shower? You know it isn't. 

So why don't you clue us in as to whether you would rather have prosciutto and onion on your pizza or mashed potato and scallion, and we will tell you if your brain is wired more male or female, at least when it comes to pizza, that is.

How into pepperoni are you?

Do you like mushrooms on your pizza?

How about bacon?

Are you into sausage on your pie?

How about some tomato?

Would you like to try ham on your pizza?

What about black olives?

Maybe a little green pepper?

Maybe a ton of Canadian bacon?

How about some chicken?

Do you like spinach on pizza?

Maybe a little salami?

What about some feta cheese?

Do you like pesto pizza?

What about sun dried tomatoes?

Would you like some meatballs on your pizza?

Do you like Greek olives on pizza?

Do you like pizza with Alfredo sauce?

How about prosciutto?

Do you like hamburger on your pie?

What about some pulled pork?

Maybe a little gouda cheese?

Maybe a little yellow pepper?

Do you like breakfast pizza?

Do you like a pizza with no sauce?

Do you like Chicago style pizza?

Do you like Greek pizzas?

When are you mostly likely to get a slice from the corner store?

If you were in New York City for a week, how many pizza slices do you think you would eat?

How often do you get pizza delivered a month on average?

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