Rate These Jobs and We'll Guess What Job You Have

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About This Quiz

You don't have to be a police officer to have a lot of respect for those who protect and serve. Throughout this quiz, we are going to ask you what you think of a variety of jobs. Once we see how you feel about a job other than your own, we will accurately guess the job you currently have. 

Without asking anything about your current position, your feelings about the jobs that other people do will tell us a lot about you. With each answer, you will leave behind a little clue about the kind of traits you have. From there, we will compare your traits to the known traits of a wide spectrum of jobs. Then, we'll take our best guess. 

Whether you are a nurse or you are a teacher, your job leaves little impressions on the way you behave. We spend a lot of our lives at our jobs, and it's impossible for it not to rub off on us - so to speak. After we learn how you feel about all sorts of positions, we'll know how your traits and your position intertwine. Will we get it right, or could we stand to have a little more training? 

Would you enjoy being a chef?

What do you think of lawyers?

Which job do you think is the hardest?

Which first responder job deserves the most respect?

How would you rank restaurant servers?

What would you like most about being a therapist?

Which outdoor job sounds most interesting?

Could you be a plumber?

Which job would you most like to try for a month?

How do you feel about doctors?

Which job would you like the least?

Which odd job sounds most interesting?

What do you think of flight attendants?

What would be the best part of being a teacher?

How do you feel about debt collectors?

How would you rank the job of radiologist?

Which job sounds the most stressful?

What rank would you give an interior decorator job?

How would you feel about driving an Uber?

What do you think of your local bartenders?

What rank would you give a personal trainer postion?

How do you feel about professional football players?

How would you rate a pilot's job?

What grade would you give the paparazzi?

Which job would be a stretch for you?

Would you give construction workers high marks?

What would be the best part of being a fashion designer?

Could you be a veterinarian?

Would you make a good race car driver?

Which service job do you admire most?

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