Quiz: Quiz: The last days of Pompeii
Quiz: The last days of Pompeii
By: Isadora Teich
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Pompeii is one of the world's marvels, but how much do you know about this ancient city? Take our HowStuffWorks quiz to explore the mysteries of Pompeii.

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Where is Pompeii?
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What is the name of the volcano that erupted and caused disaster in Pompeii?
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Which other city was destroyed along with Pompeii?
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Is Mount Vesuvius still an active volcano?
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Was religion an important part of daily life in Pompeii?
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When did the famous eruption that destroyed Pompeii occur?
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How many people died in the city of Pompeii when it was destroyed?
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What was Pompeii mostly known for at its peak?
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Did ancient locals know that Mount Vesuvius was a volcano?
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Pompeii is so well preserved because of...
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What "adult materials" were found in abundance in Pompeii?
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What other disaster frequently struck Pompeii?
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How did most of the people in Pompeii bathe?
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Was slavery legal in Pompeii?
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Who did ancient Pompeiians believe controlled their daily lives?
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What business did Pompeii have a lot of -- about one for every 60 residents?
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What kind of diet did most people living in Pompeii eat?
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What kind of building has never been found in Pompeii?
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What kind of entertainment was popular in Pompeii?
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Pompeii's walls were covered in:
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Who mostly visited brothels?
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Which of these was not part of daily life in ancient Pompeii?
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Pompeii became an important trading hub because it was located near:
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Was wine popular in Pompeii?
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Before the Vesuvius eruption there was no Latin word for:
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Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii but also provided what?
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How many people lived in Pompeii?
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What has preserved the city of Pompeii?
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What was the Emperor of Rome considered?
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How did the people of Pompeii worship their gods in private?
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