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The '80s was a time filled rock and roll, leg warmers, and the Brat Pack. A life filled with writing, producing, and directing, John Hughes was a jack of all trades. With popular films like the Home Alone film series and 101 Dalmatians, we're celebrating his popular '80s classic, Sixteen Candles. 

With an impressive resume of '80s films like The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Pretty in Pink, John Hughes was a fan of the Brat Pack, a group of actors and actresses who filled the screens during the decade. And right at the center of 3 of 4 films and the lead in Sixteen Candles is the one and only, Molly Ringwald.

Molly Ringwald stars as Samantha Baker, but you already knew that, hopefully. The film follows a young girl whose entire family forgets her 16th birthday, but have you forgotten the film? Which Breakfast Club actor also stars in Sixteen Candles? What piece of clothing did Sam give to Ted? What's the name of her crush?

We're lighting the candles with this quiz, and only a professional could blow them all out! Can you? Let's find out if you're ready to blow this quiz away.

Sam panics after Jake picks up her 'sex quiz' because it reveals that she is ______.

The quiz also reveals that Sam is saving herself for Jake, and she becomes utterly embarrassed!


Who says, "What's happenin, hot stuff?"

Long Duk Dong meets Marlene at the school dance and buries his face in her chest while they dance together. Later they find a good use for an exercise bike at the after party!


Who plays the role of Ted the Geek?

Jim Carrey actually auditioned for the role of Ted the Geek, but Michael Anthony Hall landed the part.


At the end of the movie, Jake and Samantha share a kiss over her birthday cake. Where are they sitting?

The cake used in this scene was really made out of cardboard.


Dong, where is my _______?

Howard asks Long Duk Dong where his car is, but Long is completely drunk and laughing hysterically at the tone of Howards voice. He impersonates the crashing sound what happened to the car!


Who gets trapped under Jake's table and discovered at the end of the party?

Jake sees Ted's eye blink after he picks up a beer can from the glass table top, only to discover that Ted is fully trapped under the table.


What color car did Jake drive?

One of the most romantic scenes of the movie, Jake is waiting for Sam outside of the church learning against his red car. The license plate reads "21850" which is Director John Hughes' birthday - February 18, 1950!


Who answers the phone when Jake calls Sam?

The grandparents are convinced that whoever is calling that late in the evening is looking for one thing... sex!


Where did the school dance take place?

During filming, the gym was over 100 degrees because they didn't have enough money to air condition the space!


Ginny accuses Sam of being ________ on her wedding day, but really she is upset that everyone missed her birthday!

"...you're really acting like... an a**hole. And I think I know what it is. I think, you're jealous that I'm getting married and that I'm getting all the attention." This infuriates Sam even more and she storms out of the room!


What is Jake's last name in the movie?

Viggo Mortensen also auditioned for the role of Jake Ryan!


After checking out Samantha all grown up, Grandma Helen excitedly tells Grandpa Fred that Sam has gotten her _______.

Grandma Helen actually reaches out and cups Samantha's chest and says "Oh, and they are so perky!!" Samantha is horrified and can't believe she got felt up by her grandmother.


Who plays the lead female role of Samantha Baker?

Molly Ringwald almost lost the part of Samantha to Ally Sheedy who would later co-star with her in The Breakfast Club in 1985!


What is the name of Samantha's sister who is getting married the day after Sam's 16th birthday?

Ginny is played by actress Blanche Baker who in more recent times acted alongside Molly Ringwald again in 2014 American coming-of-age film titled Wishin' and Hopin'.


In exchange for taking Caroline home, what does Jake want from Ted?

When they are finally alone at the end of the movie, Sam thanks Jake for getting her 'undies' back. Jake wishes her a happy birthday and to make a wish, she said it already came true!


Who does Ted drive home after Jake's party?

Jake let's Ted borrow his dad's Rolls Royce to drive his girlfriend Caroline home. Caroline is played by actress Haviland Morris.


Who was the director of Sixteen Candles?

John Hughes saw Molly Ringwald's headshot and was so inspired that he wrote Sixteen Candles over the course of one weekend. He wrote the part of Ted with Anthony Michael Hall in mind having just worked with him in National Lampoon's Vacation in 1983.


What is Grandpa Fred referring to when he tells Long Duk Dong, "Well you don't spell it, son, you eat it!"

"Very clever dinner. Appetizing food fit neatly into interesting round pie."


In which year was this coming-of-age comedy released?

Sixteen candles was released on May 4, 1984 and grossed more than $23 million at the box office!


What did Ted ask to borrow from Sam for 10 minutes?

The line, "Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes?" was voted as #86 of "The 100 Greatest Movie Lines" by Premier in 2007.


Aside from "the Geek", what nickname does Ted have in Sixteen Candles?

When Ted approaches Samantha at the school dance, she introduces him to her friends as Farmer Fred. He corrects her and says "Ted," to which she corrects herself, "Oh, I'm sorry, this is Farmer Ted."


What is Long Duk Dong's nickname in the movie?

After her grandparents force Sam to take him along to her school dance, Sam is totally annoyed and amazed that it takes The Donger only 5 minutes to find a girlfriend!


Who cuts Caroline's hair free from the door after Jake shuts the door on her?

Robin was played by actress Jami Gertz who is best known for her roles in Twister (1996), Still Standing (2002) and The Lost Boys (1987).


Trying to console Sam, who says, "That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else."?

Jim Baker was played by actor Paul Dooley, born February 22, 1928 and is still acting to this day!


Where did Samantha give her underpants to Ted?

Robin tells Samantha the her littler brother paid $1 to see her underpants at the school dance.


Gedde Watanabe played this role in Sixteen Candles...

Many of Gedde Watanabe's acting roles parody East Asians with heavy accents, though he was really born in Utah and does not speak Japanese himself!


While very drunk, Caroline tells Jake, "Don't be such a _____ ."

The next morning Caroline is awake and sober in the Rolls Royce trying to wake up Ted who is sleeping with his headgear on!


How tall is Jake's dad?

Ted the Geek asks Jake how big his dad is because he is about to drive away with Caroline in Jake's dad's Rolls Royce and doesn't want to get hurt by him if he ruins the car!


Where does Ted first approach Samantha?

Ted the Geek corners Sam into her seat on the bus and tries really hard to chat with her but she is not interested one bit! "Life is not whatnot, and it's none of your business!"


What is the color of Caroline's dress that she wears to the dance and Jake's house party?

It is said that Haviland Morris needed to change her dress in between scenes because she was so sweaty from the 100 degree heat!


How much do the geeky friends charge for admission tot he peepshow of Sam's underpants?

Ted's geeky sidekicks were played by Darren Harris as Cliff, and John Cusack as Bryce.


In the final scene, this song plays as Jake picks Sam up from the church and gives her a birthday cake and kiss...

The Thompson Twins recorded and released the album Quick Step and Side Kick in 1983. "If You Were Here" was 2nd track on Side 2 of the tape!


Joan Cusack plays the role of a girl who can't seem to get a drink of water from the fountain because of her...

Both Joan and her brother John Cusack had roles in Sixteen Candles!


From where does Jake get Sam's phone number?

Jake hides away from his own house party in his bedroom where he looks through his yearbook and finds Sam's photo and writes her number down on a scrap of paper.


Upon release of Sixteen Candles, how old were both Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall?

In December 1984, both Ringwald and Hall won Young Artist Awards for "Best Young Actress/Actor in a Motion Picture for their roles in Sixteen Candles!


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