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In the "Quest for Glory" series, you control a hero who is destined to save the world (or die repeatedly while trying). How much do you know about "Quest for Glory"?

What is the name of the protagonist in the "Quest for Glory" series?

The moniker was simple and succinct, and it stuck.


From how many character classes could players choose in the first game?

Sierra liked to market the game as being three-in-one because each character changed the way the game played out.


Which of the following was NOT a character class in the first "Quest for Glory" release?

You could also choose the Fighter class if you preferred a warrior's life.


What was the game series originally titled?

Sierra didn't trademark Hero's Quest; Milton Bradley snapped up Hero's Quest for a different product so Sierra was forced to change the name.


What is the occupation of Erasmus, who makes appearances in several of the games?

Erasmus offers insights and assistance to the Hero as he makes his way through various adventures.


How many 3.5-inch floppy disks were required to run "Shadows of Darkness?"

A later release used CD-ROM to prevent users from having to constantly swap disks.


How many games total were there in the original "Quest for Glory" series?

The adventures began with the first release in 1998.


What is the name of the character who turns out to be a vampire?

She tries to lure the Hero into inadvertently bringing evil and darkness to the land.


What year was the latest game in the series released?

"Quest for Glory V" was the last of the original series.


Which title was impossible to beat if you accidentally missed one important event early in the game?

Imagine the frustration of getting to the end and not being able to finish the game because of a programming error.


"So You Want to Be a Hero" was the subtitle for which game in the series?

The original game was released on four different platforms, including MS-DOS.


"Trial by Fire" takes place mostly in which locale?

The city is found in the world of Gloriana.


Which software company published the "Quest for Glory" series?

Sierra was responsible for creating some of the most successful adventure games of the 1990s.


Which game in the series was nearly impossible to play due to insufficient testing before it went to retail?

Later versions were fixed, but those early mistakes surely soured some buyers on the Sierra brand.


In the first game, what kind of creature is Baba Yaga?

The ogre casts a curse on the region and evil has descended upon its inhabitants; a Hero is needed to save the day.


In the first game, what happened to the main character if you didn't feed him regularly?

The game's realistic elements were a first in the early video game era.


Which of the series was the very last EGA game to be made by Sierra?

The company left EGA behind and moved on to the better graphics in the VGA standard.


Which game in the series was the only one to drop numerals from the title?

That one was called simply, "Shadows of Darkness."


What was the approximate development budget for "Shadows of Darkness?"

In the 1990s, this was a fairly hefty budget for a video game.


Which "Sesame Street" character makes a fleeting appearance in "Quest for Glory II?"

His unmistakable shape is seen in a magician's shop.


Which release in the series had a more action-oriented version of gameplay?

The new style of play drew mixed reviews, but some players thought it was a refreshing change.


About how much did it cost Sierra to develop the first game in the series?

In today's world, that wouldn't even get a game project off of the ground.


The cat-like creatures called Katta do not appear in which game?

The creatures are talented artists and their works are often magical.


Which weapon was intended to appear in "Dragon's Fire" but ultimately dropped from the game?

Deadline pressure and budget problems meant the bow didn't make the cut.


Which game featured a combat screen that showed fighting from a side perspective?

And if you were too lazy, you could let your computer do the fighting for you.


John Rhys-Davies had a role in which one of the "Quest for Glory" games?

The process became so tedious that he loathed the project after three weeks.


Why was the layout of the world in "Trial by Fire" so convoluted?

The idea was to require the map included in the box; only legitimate buyers had easy access to the map.


What is the name of the familiar spirit that often hangs out with Erasmus?

Fenrus takes the form of a rat and provides laughs for the player.


Which game was only released on the DOS platform?

It was the only game in the series intended for a single platform.


In the second game, the Hero is from where?

In each of the first four games, the Hero hails from a different part of the compass.


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