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Queen Victoria lent her name to an entire era. Take this quiz to learn more about the woman behind the crown and why she captured the spirit of the time.

What was Queen Victoria's real first name?

She was christened Alexandrina Victoria.


How was Victoria related to the king whom she succeeded?

With no children, William IV became the heir presumptive.


Where was Victoria raised?

Victoria was mostly raised in London.


In Britain, people found Victoria's ascension …

The young, bright queen was very popular.


What was Victoria's mother's nationality?

Victoria's mother (also Victoria) was a German princess.


How old was Victoria when she became queen?

It was kind of a big graduation.


Queen Victoria had her first scandal when she forced a lady-in-waiting to do what?

Gossip said she was pregnant; turns out she had a tumor. Uh, uncool.


How old was Victoria when she married Albert?

She resisted marrying right away — she was 21 years old.


Where was Albert from?

He was from a German family.


When did Victoria become pregnant?

Victoria and Albert were quick to start a family.


Along with a marriage and pregnancy, what other big life event occurred for Victoria?

The attack was completely unsuccessful and missed her entirely.


Victoria named her first child …

Man, she really liked her name.


How many children did Victoria and Albert have?

Despite her nine children, Victoria supposedly wasn't a fan of pregnancy.


Which did Victoria have?

Victoria wasn't the easiest person to live with, it seems.


Albert's role in politics …

At first Victoria didn't want him involved, but he slowly became a close adviser.


What did Victoria once say?

Lean in, Victoria!


What was NOT one of the names of Victoria's children?

Ludwig wasn't one of her children. Albert, Alfred, Helena, Louise and Arthur are the names of some of her other children.


Albert was put in charge of what grand Victorian spectacle?

Like the World's Fair, the Great Exhibition in 1851 showcased Britain's power and ingenuity.


What building, built for the Great Exhibition, came to be a symbol of grand Victorian development?

The glass and steel building held the exhibits.


What year did Albert die?

The 42-year-old queen was completely devastated.


Victoria blamed whom for Albert's death?

Albert was very upset (and became ill) when Prince Albert took up with an actress.


Who else died in 1861?

Not a great year for Vicky.


After Albert's death, Victoria was not willing to …

She rarely took on the big, ornamental roles of the queen.


Victoria grew close with John Brown, a what?

Rumors of romance abounded, but all we know for sure is that they were very close and loyal to each other.


What was Victoria's Indian title?

She was given the title empress of India in 1876.


Another assassination attempt on Victoria occurred in 1882. What was the assailant's complaint?

Poets are quite touchy. (No one was hurt.)


What did Victoria do in 1896?

Her 60th anniversary as queen was in 1897. Queen Elizabeth II broke her record.


What was over Victoria's bed?

Creepy, sure, but whatever gives you comfort, eh?


How old was Victoria when she died?

She died in 1901, when she was 82 years old.


After Victoria's death, her eldest son became King Edward VII. How long was his reign?

Edward was the prince regent for a very long time but had a short reign as king, at only 10 years.


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