Quiz: Prove You Have a Great Vocabulary by Acing This Quiz
Prove You Have a Great Vocabulary by Acing This Quiz
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

You might think you have the kind of vocabulary that could put Merriam or Webster to shame, but can you prove it? Without using a dictionary or a thesaurus, are you still the biggest word nerd you know after this quiz? We want to you put your money where your mouth is during this quiz and show us your word nerd stuff. 

As we spell and define our way through this vocabulary quiz, we have created some intense and challenging questions. We know you are smart, but can you beat one of the toughest vocabulary tests put out on the internet? With a little effort and a lot of thought, we think you can do it. We haven't made it so tough that you'll get frustrated, but we've made hard enough that you will have total bragging rights if you pass it.

Make sure you are properly hydrated before you begin. Your brain needs to be functioning at top performance as you try to prove to us that you deserve to be in the vocabulary hall of fame. Will you impress yourself, or will you need to try again? Now's the chance to get proof of your brilliance. Can you do it?

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If your friend is wearing tawdry jewelry, what kind of jewelry is she wearing?
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Finish this sentence: At the opening, Susanne was congenial and _______.
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The campground's accommodations were not lavish. What is the opposite of lavish?
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Fill in the blank: Despite her age, Angie was being quite childish and ______.
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If you are so angry you are speaking your mind, what else are you?
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Which word is the antonym of dire?
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Zori was filled with trepidation. She was full of ______.
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Jose was feeling exasperated by his twin daughters' bad behavior. How was Jose feeling?
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Which word means secret and sly?
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Which word also means important?
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Which word means a very steep cliff?
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Andrew was upset about the scarcity of donuts left in the break room. What kind of donuts were left?
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Charlie was so excited that he kept jabbering. What was Charlie doing?
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Fill in the blank: Marie approaches her work with enthusiasm and ______.
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Finish this sentence: The students wanted clear direction, but the professor's instructions were ______.
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Which word is the antonym of plenteous?
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Fill in the blank: After her trip, Rosita had to let her jet lag _____ before she could go back to work.
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Which word means brief, sharp and to the point?
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Marco loved the chowder, but he did think it was a little brackish. What does brackish mean?
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Finish this sentence: Zack felt like his paper was finally moving forward and making ______.
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Accountants are known for being meticulous. What does meticulous mean?
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No one likes the weekly meeting because the boss is so verbose. What is the boss?
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If you are experiencing a glitch, you are also experiencing what?
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Which word means to gather or pull together?
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Despite her struggles, Julia kept her school record clean. Which word also means clean?
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What would you call someone who lives in solitude?
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The durian fruit has a pungent odor. What does pungent mean?
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Joy had quite a swagger in her new coat. What did joy have?
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Doing dishes is a monotonous task. What kind of task is it?
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Finish this sentence: German shepherds are great guard dogs because they are ______.
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After an accident, what do insurance companies pay injured folks?
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Loretta has an uncanny way of remembering everyone's birthdays. What does uncanny mean?
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