Pretend You're Rich as Heck and We'll Tell You Which Celebrity Is Your Soulmate

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About This Quiz

Not everyone could handle being as rich as you're going to be during this quiz! Since you are one of the few that can live the champagne lifestyle without losing your true self, we'll make sure you are matched with a celebrity soulmate to complete your newly found 1% status. Tell us how you would live, shop, and act while being richer than your average Hollywood mogul. 

If money were no object, would you plop yourself down on a gold throne every morning? Or would you be the type that pretends to be broke no matter how many millions are clogging up your savings account? 

Whether you approach having more money than the U.S. Treasury has ever printed like a boss or like a modest mouse, you deserve to have the finest in celebrity company. Imagine how divine you would look rolling down a red carpet with Jay-Z or with Jennifer Lawrence by your side! However, you don't need just any celebrity to fill out your roster; you need the one that will get you the most and be your true and forever soulmate.

Tell us about the kind of life you would live as a member of the wealthiest class in the nation, and we'll find that celebrity soul connection for you. There's no charge for our services. You can consider this quiz the concierge of celebrity matchmaking services! Let's find the right one for you!

How many bathrooms would your mansion have?

If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive?

What luxury feature would you have in your master bathroom?

What would you name your yacht?

What would you have for dinner every night if you could?

Which designer's clothes would you fill your closets with?

If you were super wealthy, how often would you eat caviar?

Which luxury resort would you spend the most time visiting?

What expensive spa procedure would you add to your routine?

Would you have your own private jet?

Who would be the most important member of your staff?

Would you need to carry kidnap insurance?

Would you become an art collector?

Would you ever hire a professional picture hanger?

Would you purchase a doomsday bunker?

How would you invest your money?

How large would you want your swimming pool to be?

Would you hire a private doctor?

Where would you most like to go on a shopping spree?

Which celebrity would you invite to one of your legendary parties?

Which of the world's most expensive liquors would you line your cupboards with?

Which expensive shoe would you like to wear?

Where would you build your dream home?

What will the gates to your home be made from?

If you were loaded, what hobby might you take up?

Which celebrity's stylist would you like to give you a makeover?

Would you donate any of your cash to charities?

What kind of gemstones would you wear to fancy parties?

What item would you have custom made just for you?

How many walk-in closets would you need?

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