Pretend You're Rich as Heck and We'll Guess the True Age of Your Soul

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

There is an expression for mature, enlightened people: old souls. Whether this description is literal, which posits the existence of an eternal soul, or merely figurative, the saying has deep resonance. To be an old soul means to be past the things that do not really matter. Letting the unimportant things slide, letting go of acquisitive impulses, and being content are the hallmarks of old souls.

Of course, it's hard to do those things when there is so much cool stuff for sale in our world! Even if one considers oneself an enlightened person, it is true to say that people find a way to develop more expensive tastes as their means improve; give a Spartan a few million dollars, and you'll see him driving a fancy car, wearing fancy clothes, and eating fancy food. Financial success is, in many ways, the truest test of one's self-control. To have the means to do anything, and choose to do nothing, is antithetical to most human impulses.

So how would you behave if you just inherited a billion dollars from some long-lost relative who always felt a special connection to you? Would you blow it all in one place? Would you try to do good in the world? Would you lavish your friends and family in riches or hoard it? Take this quiz, and together we will find out.

What job would you have, being super rich?

What would you do to help our your dearest friends?

How much money would you donate to charity?

What sort of dwelling would you prefer?

How defined is your monthly budget?

How up to date is your wardrobe?

How much money do you spend on alcohol per week?

What kind of transportation would you own?

How much of the value of your dwelling is derived from how fashionable the neighborhood is?

Would you be willing to date someone you really liked if you knew your cohort of friends didn't approve?

Would you do anything to or about the people who wronged you, in your past?

Would you remain in your current field of work?

What sort of activity would you take part in on a vacation?

Where would you like to travel on an all expense paid trip of a lifetime?

Who would be the first person you'd treat to something wonderful?

What would you do to help our your family members?

Would you do anything nice for friends who aren't super close to you?

How private would you be?

Would you move?

Will you abandon any of your friends when you get rich?

With what sort of activities would you fill your days?

How much traveling would you do?

How often would you replace your phone?

On which of these luxuries are you most likely to spend money?

Could you love a destitute person?

What kind of tea or coffee do you prefer?

How would you gamble?

What dream would you chase?

How would you promote your views?

What one thing would you most want to do with your newfound wealth?

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