Pretend You're Going to a Royal Wedding and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

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About This Quiz

If you've always wanted to attend a royal wedding, now's your chance to prep yourself for the main event! In this quiz, we'll ask you all kinds of questions about your beauty and fashion choices, as well as how you would act at a royal wedding! Here are the four haircuts that you may or may not get matched with: long and layered, pixie cut, short bob and a medium-length haircut. The answers that you select in the quiz will determine which of these haircuts is the most suitable for you!

We've matched certain personality traits to specific hair traits in this quiz! For example, a pixie cut is a very low-maintenance haircut that requires very little effort to properly maintain. It also requires a minimal amount of hair product since there isn't much hair to work with. Because of this, those with a pixie cut are usually carefree and easy-going individuals who don't need much prep time for a main event. If you're ready to see which haircut you'll be matched with, it's time to take this royal wedding quiz now! Remember there are no hints, or "right" or "wrong" answers, so all you have to do is answer honestly to see your results!

Which royal makeup look are you going to go for?

What color will be your royal gown?

How are you going to prep for the royal wedding?

Which of these accessories will you pair with your dress?

How will you wear your hair for the wedding?

How will you arrive to the royal wedding?

Are you going to dye your hair before the royal wedding?

What are you going to eat at the royal wedding?

Who will you bring to the royal wedding?

Is the royal wedding a time for drinking?

What will you bring as a gift for the bride and groom?

Which of these shoes would you wear to a royal wedding?

There will probably be photographers at the royal wedding. How photogenic are you?

What kind of dress are you going to wear to the royal wedding?

Do you plan on dancing at the royal wedding?

Where will the royal wedding take place?

What are you going to carry in your purse at the wedding?

How long do you plan on staying at the royal wedding?

How many people do you think will be at the royal wedding?

Will you make a toast at the royal wedding?

You're feeling kind of bored at the wedding. What do you do?

What kind of cake will be at the royal wedding?

Are you going to get a haircut before the wedding?

What will be your role in the royal wedding?

What design would you want on your nails?

How are you going to prep your skin before the royal wedding?

What kind of drinks do you hope will be at the wedding?

Will any celebrities be at the wedding?

What will the royal wedding menu look like?

What kind of fragrance will you wear to the wedding?

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