Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which Real-Life Crown You Should Wear!

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When we were young, most of us had one group of women that we looked up to when it came to royalty: the Disney Princesses. These women stood in the face of adversity, defended what they felt was right, righted any wrongs (usually wrongs they caused, but we digress), and looked amazing while doing it.  Many of our princesses kept their crowns in the vault for special occasions only, but Jasmine from "Aladdin" kept her crown on throughout the film, helping Aladdin whenever she desired.

Let's say you become a queen, through magic, marriage, or what have you. What kind of land would you want to rule?  Will the people there be happy with your ruling or will they get nervous every time you open your mouth?  Will your country be a political powerhouse or will it be more subtle in its representation to the world?  A lot of these perceptions will lie in you: after all, you're the face of the country to the rest of the world. As a diplomat for your country to the world, your appearance will be surprisingly important. 

When it comes to a queen's accessories, the crown is one of the most important things they can use to say about their country.  Do you want to have it be more subtle with only a few gems to say that material things aren't as important to your country than others or do you want it to blind people with the amount of bling you have on it?  It's up to you!  Let's see what side of the spectrum you fall, your majesty!

What kind of statement do you want to say about your country when you wear this crown?

Which event would you wear this crown to?

How did you acquire your crown?

What metal is your crown made of?

Has your crown been modified to change with the times?

What gemstones do you want on your crown?

Do the gemstones match your country's flag?

If you were attending a royal gala, what piece of jewelry would accompany your crown?

Many queens have dogs to occupy their spare time. What kind of dog would you have?

When you have a dignitary from another country come to visit, what do you do?

A foreign dignitary gets food poisoning at a formal dinner and vomits at the table. What is your reaction?

If you were to visit with one of the U.S. presidents, which one would you want to hang with?

Which part of the castle is your favorite?

Most queens have a charitable cause. What type of cause would you support?

Do your subjects like you?

Of the following, which of these activities would you be doing as part of a PR opportunity?

Are you the ruler of your country or does your country have a governing body?

Many times, royalty is featured on currency. What denomination of currency would you be on?

Another print item: the country's postage stamp. What age are you on your stamp?

What sport are you secretly a fan of?

What sporting event would you attend?

If you were to visit another country, which one would it be?

Overall, what do other countries think of yours?

If someone were visiting your country, how would your subjects treat them?

How old were you when you were crowned?

What will your royal portrait look like?

When you pass away, where will your crown go?

If you are traveling to another country, who do you bring with you?

Compared to other royal families, how large is your family?

At the end of your day, what do you do to relax?

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