Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which Royal Wedding Would Be Yours

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Everyone loves a wedding. The pomp and circumstance. The flowers. The cake. The dress. (Especially the dress). We love watching a new beginning unfold right before our eyes. We're mesmerized by it all. Now, when it comes to a royal wedding, take that excitement and multiply it by a thousand! Everyone wants to know every detail. Where will the wedding take place? What will the bride wear? What designer will she wear? What jewelry will she wear? How long will her veil and train be? Royals surely know how to build drama!

While staying true to tradition, each royal wedding does have its own special flavor. Like any other wedding, the bride will put her personal touch into the details. Everything from her bouquet to her hair to her entrance will be her own. People can't wait to see what crown jewels she will wear. Let's not forget the dress. Royal watchers, pop culture enthusiasts, and most of the world will wait with bated breath to see what the bride will be wearing. 

Who doesn't want to feel like a queen on their wedding day? Everyone wants the royal treatment on this special day. Put your tiara on, and answer our questions. We'll tell you the royal wedding that was made for you!

What gown do you wear for your coronation?

What kind of coach will you ride in?

What gems do you choose for your crown?

Where do you go for your first official tour as queen?

How do you rule your court?

If you could have a celebrity entourage, who would they be?

Who would you make a knight if you could?

Who would you make a dame?

What's your favorite royal event to attend?

What rom-com most closely resembles you and your Prince Charming's story?

How do you like the royal paparazzi to take your picture?

If you chose a day job, what would it be?

What's your favorite home?

How are you serving your guests at your coronation?

Besides champagne, what's your favorite drink?

Speaking of champagne, which one do you have at royal events?

What's your tea of choice for tea time?

What's your favorite date night outfit with your prince?

What's yours and your Prince Charming's song?

What Disney couple are you and your prince most like?

Who sings at a queen's birthday party?

If you could switch lives with another royal princess, who would it be?

What's your favorite crown of the Queen's?

What food does a queen refuse?

If you have to play a sport, which one would you choose?

Fall, winter, spring, or summer coronation?

Statue or portrait in your honor?

What's your favorite date night restaurant in the world?

What's your favorite romantic weekend getaway?

What's your coronation exit song?

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