Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which Real Life Princess Style Matches You Best

Sameena Mughal

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About This Quiz

Royalty and all things associated with it have captured our imaginations for centuries. We love to know where they are traveling to next. We love to know what parties they're going to. Many of us love fairy tales and watching princesses is like watching a real-life fairy tale unfold before our eyes. We love their style and their fashion sense. From hair to make-up to jewelry to accessories, we want to soak all it in!

We love to see glimpses of our favorite princesses at events whether it's a charity event, party, or family outing. We watch with admiration while they interact with people and make them gush with a simple smile or a wave. They know how to be glamorous and give the wow factor. We love to see what they're wearing. Photographers love to shoot them. Commentators love to talk about them. They capture the imagination of the world just by stepping outside. They make us imagine what it's like to be queen for a day, to have luxury only seen in dreams. 

Now, take a step back and imagine what it's like to be a queen. Not just a queen. THE QUEEN. Then, answer our questions. When you're done, you'll see which princess your style matches up with! Have fun!

You have a royal gala to attend. Who designs your gown: Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, or Versace?

You're attending an event in England. What hat are you wearing?

What's your favorite royal rule?

What couture show would you be front and center for?

What's your favorite charity?

What's your favorite mode of travel?

What do you always have to have in your suitcase?

If you have a choice, do you go glam, casual, boho, or sporty?

Do you prefer heels, flats, wedges, or espadrilles?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

What's your favorite fairy tale?

What's your go-to fabric style?

What's your favorite item hanging in your closet right now?

Who is your non-royal style inspiration?

Who is your music icon?

What's your favorite pant style?

What wash jeans do you prefer?

How would you describe your personal style?

If you could have anyone else's wardrobe, whose would it be?

What is your go-to beach item?

What is your Met Gala look?

What animal print do you prefer?

Who is your favorite classic Hollywood starlet?

What's your favorite manicure: gel, French, or solar?

What's your favorite beach read?

What's your outfit for the French Open?

What's your favorite car to be chauffeured in?

If you could be a rock star instead of a royal, who would you be?

Which "Lord of the Rings" elf do you want to be?

What part of the world do you want to rule?

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