Quiz: Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which of the Crown Jewels Would Fit You Best
Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which of the Crown Jewels Would Fit You Best
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Youtube by Monsanch9

About This Quiz

The Crown Jewels are admired by rulers around the world. The Crown Jewels are England's ceremonial regalia used during coronations and special occasions. Not only do they include the decorated crowns, but they also include the Sovereign's Orb, Sceptre, and Rod. Often, these items are adorned with diamonds and precious stones, creating a show of wealth and power. 

Do you think you can be a queen today? Can you keep the Crown Jewels safe from thieves while ruling a nation? We'll give you a mini coronation today and ask you to tell us how you'd be a queen. Don't assume that wearing a crown is easy though! They can be quite heavy with all the metals and stones on them. You'll need a strong neck and a strong sense of self in order to be a great ruler. Even so, we think you should try these jewels on your head. They are one of the most visited objects in Britain after all.

Pretend you're a ruler and show us how you'd lead. Then, we'll reveal which crown jewel will fit your style best. All hail the queen!

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