Pretend You're a Princess and We'll Show You Which Real-Life Castle You Should Be Living In

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About This Quiz

Put on your tiara and tell us what kind of royal treatment you require as a princess! From there, we'll match you with the real-life castle you should be living in!

What would you nickname your court jester?

Which tiara would you wear most often?

Which member of your royal staff would be most invaluable to you?

What would you like your castle to be surrounded by?

Which real-life prince do you find most attractive?

How would you wave to your royal subjects?

Which room would you most like to have in your castle?

What kind of vehicle would you like to be chauffeured around in?

Which animal would you choose to be your royal mascot?

Which Disney princess do you think you are most like?

When you are queen, what will your ruling style be like?

How will you deal with the paparazzi?

What kind of gown will you wear to royal events?

Would your castle have a moat?

Will you spend time with your royal subjects?

Will you be more like Princess Diana or Kate Middleton?

How many fireplaces will your castle have?

Would you allow visitors to come to your castle?

What do you think is the best thing about being a princess?

Which royal designer would you have make your clothes?

Which household task do you look forward to never having to do again as a princess?

How will you ask others to address you?

Where would you hold your royal wedding?

Would your royal parents live with you?

Where would you most like to go on an evening out with the royal family?

What kind of food would you ask the royal kitchen for most often?

Which country would you spend a royal vacation touring?

Which historic queen do you admire most?

What gem will be present on your crown?

Who would you choose to be a princess with you?

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