Pretend You're a Princess and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

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When you look to princesses throughout the years, there's one thing that they all have in common - their sense of style! From the days of the incredible trendsetter Queen Victoria to the more modern style of Princess Diana, there have been many princesses to look up to. Like princesses, trends came and went. If you were to live your life as a princess, we'll tell you what hairstyle would suit you best!

A great outfit is always paired with some equally great hair, and there are so many styles to choose from. Maybe you like to leave your hair long and straight, or maybe some short curls are more your type. Or maybe you just can't decide what's right for you! Don't worry because you're in luck. All you have to do is live your life as a princess with this quiz and we will handle the rest. Will you find the prince of your dreams or will you be more business minded? You'll have to tell us!

So, if you're ready to find out your royal hairdo, there's no better time than now. Take the quiz to see which hairstyle would match your preferences as a princess!

Many look to princesses for their impeccable fashion sense. Of the following, what would your royal fashion look like?

Will you have any pets?

What country will you be the princess of?

Being a princess means that you get your pick of some of the finest headwear out there! What type of tiara is your style?

What would you be best known for as a royal?

Of the following, which quality would your ideal prince have?

Part of being a princess involves working with charities. What type of charities will you work with?

Would you keep your life very private?

What is your favorite accessory?

As royalty, it's important that you can travel. How will you get around?

What is one thing you would do if you became Queen?

How would you spend a relaxing day off from your royal duties?

Time to make your living quarters your own. What style of house will you have?

What country would you like to visit?

Would you follow the royal rules?

As a princess you have the opportunity to see the world! Where will you travel to?

Would you hold many parties as a royal?

Would you be willing to speak to the media, or keep more to yourself?

It's time for dinner fit for a king... or princess! Which of the following royal meals is your favorite?

What day job would you be most likely to hold if you were a princess?

Which historical person do you admire most?

Every royal needs someone to help them out. Who would you have as your royal assistant?

Who would you put first in your life?

If you were an animal, which of the following would you be?

Royals often end up in a line to succeed to the throne. Which number are you in the line?

How would you handle things in times of crisis?

What word would describe your nation best?

After marrying your prince, where would your honeymoon be?

How would you celebrate the birthdays of your family members?

It's important to take a break from work now and then. Which of the following would be your royal hobby?

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