Quiz: Pretend to Be on "Fixer Upper" With Your Love and We'll Show You Your Perfect Home
Pretend to Be on "Fixer Upper" With Your Love and We'll Show You Your Perfect Home
By: Haiden Steingass
Image: andresr/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

People love "Fixer Upper," likely due to its hosts Joanna and Chip Gaines. The power couple is as endearing as anyone could be, and they are a refreshing addition to television these days. Not only do they have an incredible eye for design, but they showcase relationship goals for the rest of us. 

Actually filming the show, however, it wasn't quite as fantastical as it may have seemed. According to Country Living, "On the series, fans watched as Chip and Jo checked in on a property occasionally throughout the process, only seeing the big moments where something goes wrong or when they made a big décor decision. But in actuality, Joanna says every house required way more attention than portrayed on the screen."

It may have appeared to be an easy, lighthearted and fun process on the show, but flipping a house is like moving a mountain. Luckily, Joanna and Chip have plenty of experience moving mountains. So, what would it be like to actually host "Fixer Upper" with your love? Are you prepared to make all the design decisions and solve problems as they arise? Would hosting be as lovely as it appears on TV, or would it be a huge challenge? 

Take this quiz to pretend you and your love are the stars on "Fixer Upper," and we will show you your perfect home!

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