Pretend to Be a Greek Goddess and We'll Tell You Which God You’d Defeat

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Greek gods and Greek goddesses are fascinating characters. In some ways, they are very much like human beings; the gods and goddesses are gendered, have marital relationships and have parental relationships. On the other hand, they can reproduce asexually, and some of them don't resemble humans very much, being more amorphous "forces" than intelligences. To this end, myths try to identify their characteristics, and systems as disparate as numerology and astrology attempt to know the will of the gods. When looked at without emotional investment, the gods are of comparable power and character, regardless of the specific god or goddess in question.

What would it take to defeat a god? There is only one god of war, after all. How would one defeat the god of music, or the god of storms? How would one even define the parameters of such a contest? More importantly, what being would be capable of such things? The answer is simple: goddesses. Here is the scenario: You will play the part of a goddess, make a variety of decisions, and we will run those past our divine behavioral experts who will determine, of the pantheon of Greek gods, which one you would be apt to defeat. Are you ready to exhibit a little hubris with us? Take the quiz!

What do you demand your temples resemble?

Your followers adore you. What daily ritual would you like them to do in your honor?

Which modern city do you grace with your favor?

If you were to take the form of an animal in a modern city, what form would you take?

Which skilled profession would you claim as a recipient of your patronage?

What major mortal event would you always attend in disguise?

What modern medium would you use to gain worshipers?

What modern omen should mortals look out for as a sign of your displeasure?

What type of person would you choose as your high priest?

What major world trend would you use your powers to oppose?

What location would serve as the headquarters of your religion?

What kind of profile would your religion have?

What fashion of dress would be the way your followers would show their piety?

A new app threatens to draw your followers. How do you respond?

When in mortal form, how would you react to being stuck in traffic?

What overarching change to society do you hope to make with the leverage of your followers?

What event would spontaneously occur when your negative emotions boil over?

What would you strive to make the US government do to support your divine whims?

What kind of object would you demand as a sacrifice?

To what nation would you be the patron deity?

How would you primarily communicate to your followers?

What brand of clothing would you require your followers wear?

What natural events would you cause as signs to your followers?

Which of these famous people would be your typical follower?

When would you schedule your major holiday?

How would you toy with the lives of mortals, as part of your daily routine?

Gods and goddesses have overwhelming emotional swings. Which two emotions would be your two major swing states?

If you were in mortal form and a real mortal spurned your affections, how would you respond?

What modern omen should mortals look out for as a sign of your favor?

What kindness would you show to mortals?

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