Pretend to Be Rich AF and We'll Guess The True Age of Your Soul

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Despite what you might try and tell yourself when you are working all day at that job that you hate, rich people actually are different than the rest of us. That doesn't mean they are happier, of course; they have all of the same problems the rest of us do, struggling with love, family, friendships and issues of self-worth, but they do get to do all sorts of super fun things in ridiculously cool places. And, of course, they have fast cars, huge mansions, and a ton of stuff.

But what does any of this have to do with their soul? You know as you live this life, that money really isn't the most important thing at all. You can't take it with you after all, and it really is how much love and friendship and peace in your life that you have, and of course it also matters what you have in your soul. 

Some of our souls are younger than others; if you have an old soul, it usually means that you are full of wisdom. But what do wisdom and being ridiculously rich have in common? Take this quiz and pretend that you are rich AF and we will let you know just how old your soul is.

Do you have normal household items made of solid gold?

How many months a year do you spend traveling?

How many cars do you have?

Do you have a personal assistant?

The bill is $100, how much do you tip?

Do you always pick up the bottle service tab?

Do you have a superyacht?

What is your favorite car that you own?

Do you collect art?

Do you have a posse?

Would your kids have to work?

How many homes do you own?

Do you have your own island?

Do you invest in startups?

Would you have a private mechanic for your cars?

Would you buy your favorite sports team?

How much would you party?

What would you do on vacation?

How much would you spend on a cut and color?

How many bedrooms would your mansion have?

And how many bathrooms?

Would you like a private plane?

What about a helicopter?

Would you like to have a home theatre?

Would you want to be in an exclusive club?

Who would be in your crew?

Do you need huge closets?

How much would your wedding cost?

Would you have horses?

How about a personal chef?

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