Quiz: The Ultimate Power Tool Quiz
The Ultimate Power Tool Quiz
By: Staff
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So, you think you know your power tools? You would never confuse a disc sander with a random orbit sander, right? Show your stuff. Read our descriptions of these power tools and see if you can figure out what we're talking about.

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The most popular woodworking tool -- used for carving work, joinery and cutting edges, among many other things.
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Makes cuts in wood with a spinning circular blade whose angle can be adjusted.
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Attaches two pieces of wood by cutting a narrow hole in the edge of each piece, into which you insert a wooden "biscuit" covered in glue.
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Comes in pistol-grip, T-shape and right-angle handle styles.
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Uses compressed air to tighten a nut or bolt, for example.
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Can cut curves and custom shapes into wood.
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Are available in "stick" or "coil" style.
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Spins a piece of material (like wood, glass or metal) so you can create a symmetrical object.
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Has a selection of bits for cutting, carving, polishing and sanding.
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Has a blade that cuts with a push-pull motion.
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