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With its snow-capped mountains and inactive volcano, clean streets and exciting nightlife, Portland, Oregon, is an excellent vacation destination. Take our quiz to learn more about this lovely city.

What is the closest snow-capped mountain to Portland?

Just 90 minutes outside of Portland is Mount Hood, the closest of several snow-capped mountains in the vicinity.


How high is Mount Hood?

At a little over 11,000 feet (3,353 meters), Mount Hood is visible from several vantage points throughout the city.


What is the name of the river that cuts through Portland?

Running through Portland, on its way to the Columbia River, is the Willamette River.


Which river forms the border between the States of Washington and Oregon?

The border between the state of Oregon and the state of Washington is defined by the Columbia River.


What is the name of the inactive volcano on the east end of Portland?

Mount Tabor, an inactive volcano, sits quietly on the east end of Portland.


The streets in the northwest section of Portland are organized how?

Beginning with Burnside Street, the streets in the northwest section of Portland run alphabetically.


Which famous television show uses several street names from Portland?

The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, is a native of Portland, and used many of the street names on the show.


Approximately how many blocks in northwest Portland fit into one mile?

There are about 20 blocks per mile in the northwest area of Portland, which means the blocks are really quite short.


The people wearing green uniforms belong to which of these Portland services?

Portland's Sidewalk Ambassadors take to the streets in search of those who need help -- with any information they can offer.


Why are people discouraged from giving money to Portland's many panhandlers?

The city of Portland's invests a lot of money in social services, so government help is available for those who qualify.


What is the population of the Portland?

There are approximately 550,000 people in Portland itself, with another 1.5 million in the surrounding metro area.


What is the average summer temperature in Portland?

Portland boasts of very pleasant summers, with average temperatures just under 80 degrees.


What is Portland's average annual rainfall?

Portland gets a bad rap as a horribly rainy city, but its 36.5 inches (93 cm) of annual rain is no higher than several American cities.


How much does an all-day bus pass cost?

You can get around all day in Portland for just $5.00 with their Tri-Met all-day bus pass.


Which of these Mexican cities is a sister city to Portland?

Oregon has nine sister cities, including the Mexican city of Guadalajara.


Portland and its sister city, Guadalajara, celebrate which of these holidays together?

Come to Portland for Cinco de Mayo, and see how Portland and Guadalajara celebrate this traditional Mexican holiday.


Natives of Oregon refer to which of these as "The Living Room?"

Citizens of Oregon paid for bricks with their names etched in them to be used in building Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Living Room, as they call it, is home to hundreds of events per year.


Velveteria is what sort of attraction?

One of the many attractions on 28th Ave. is Velveteria, a museum that features many paintings on velvet.


How many books will you find at Powell's City of Books?

There are nearly one million books for you to chose from at Powell's City of Books. Have a seat at the coffee shop and enjoy.


Which of these Portland restaurants has a "no menu" policy?

Genoa, an Italian restaurant located at 2832 SE Belmont St., is a "chef's choice" restaurant. You can chose from one of three entrées available that day, but the other six courses are up to the chef.


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