Quiz: Pop Quiz: General Science
Pop Quiz: General Science
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Getty Images / E+ / Alina555

About This Quiz

There's a good reason why we're all taught science from the time we are small until we graduate from higher education. With a world that's ever-evolving, filled with humans who are naturally curious of things around, above and below, there will always be many scientific facts and figures that will be updated and enhanced through time. 

Even ancient scientists know this. Some of them postulated one thing or another about a certain thing or event, only to have their findings refuted by another scientist studying the same thing. Meanwhile, the earth, or mother nature, has its own developing and updating processes, ones that greatly affect all creatures inhabiting the planet. Then of course, outside the planet, there are also many changes happening, ones that could impact us here on earth. 

Yes, that is how science rules our daily life. Some of the scientific knowledge we learn in school are highly practical, while some are preparations for when we decide to specialize on certain fields when we grow up. It's still a win-win situation nonetheless, so learning some science is not such a bad thing for us. Do you think you can answer many of these science-filled pop quiz questions? Discover and see for yourself!

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