Quiz: The Ultimate Podcast Quiz
The Ultimate Podcast Quiz
By: Staff
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Whether they're binge-listening to a series to catch up or anticipating a new episode, people all over the world are hooked on podcasts. Are you all ears? See how much you know about the aural medium by taking this quiz.

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With which devices are podcast programs compatible?
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According to a study by Westwood One, podcasters listen to audio how much more than the average American?
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What is one of the defining traits of podcasts?
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With what sort of device do most people listen to podcasts?
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Which podcast was the fastest to reach 5 million downloads or streams on iTunes?
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The first season of "Serial" covered which topic?
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An enhanced podcast often has what characteristic?
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Which podcaster holds the record for the most downloaded program?
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The Adam Carolla Show set a record for the most downloads from 2009 to 2011. How many times was the show downloaded?
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Which celebrity started the "Daily Source Code" podcast?
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The podcast "Serial" has been downloaded at least how many times?
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Podcasting was named after Apple's first iPod, which was released in what year?
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About how many Americans listen to podcasts each month according to Edison Research?
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Who is credited with being the first to use the term "podcasting"?
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In what file format are most podcasts created?
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Which U.S. president was the first to use the podcast format for weekly radio addresses?
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What year was the first podcast released?
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A company named Personal Audio claimed to invent what?
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Who was the host of the very first podcast?
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What percentage of the population has listened to at least one podcast, according to the Pew Research Center?
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Which year did Apple release a version of iTunes with built-in support for podcasts?
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Compared to radio broadcasting, podcasting requires how much equipment?
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What challenge has likely prevented podcasts from becoming more popular?
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What was the first video podcast?
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According to a Westwood One study, what's the median age for podcast listeners?
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Which technological advancement heavily contributed to the spread of podcasts?
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