Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess When You Lost Your Virginity

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The human race has come up with some great ways to suffer through the mind-numbing boredom that is life. We've created various forms of entertainment and learning tools to help us keep our minds sharp. One game brings entertainment and knowledge together like no other. That game is "Would You Rather," a game that presents players with two conflicting options that they must choose from based on how their minds process logic and solve problems. When playing this game, players learn about each other and themselves while they are entertained by the answers and creative choices brought forward. If you are in a group setting playing this game, you can start to learn a lot about the other players, their thought processes and their senses of humor. 

While "Would You Rather" is an excellent way to kill the boredom bug, it can also reveal things about a player that they wouldn't expect. For example, if you ask the right questions, in the right order, you can find out things like when a player lost his/her virginity. Don't believe us? Answer these questions, and we'll guess when you lost your virginity.

Would you rather go shopping or Netflix & Chill?

Would you rather know everything and no one believe you or have everyone believe you but know nothing.

Would you rather only eat sausage for the rest of your life, or make sausage for the rest of your life.

Would you rather never have an orgasm again or have orgasms at inopportune times?

Would you rather always be on time and never know what you have planned or always know what you have planned but never be on time?

Would you rather find a million dollars that you had to spend immediately or find ten dollars a day for the rest of your life.

Would you rather always have to eat at McDonald's but never get health issues or eat whatever you want and have one major health issue a year?

Would you rather live forever without ever eating again, or have to eat every five minutes in order to live?

Would you rather always have to fart but it never comes out or always fart at inopportune times?

Would you rather have terrible sex for the rest of your life or great sex just once?

Would you rather always forget your significant others' name but be in real love or never fall in love but close the deal with every person you meet?

Would you rather know how the world is going to end but not be able to save yourself or be the last survivor on Earth without knowing it was going to end?

Would you rather have to move every year without ever throwing anything away or live in the same place forever but it smells like broccoli?

Would you rather never be able to use your hands to type or never be able to use your feet to drive?

Would you rather always have to take cold showers but always smell wonderful or always be able to take warm showers but always smell like onions?

Would you rather always have to drive 100 miles to get where you're going but always be safe in the car or never be safe in the car but only have to drive one mile a month?

Would you rather never know what your significant other is thinking but he/she's always thinking nice things about you or always know what he/she is thinking but it's always bad?

Would you rather always hear your cellphone ringing during sex, but the sex is really good or never get a booty call ever again?

Would you rather find a moldy sandwich under your bed or a live raccoon in your car?

Would you rather have no creativity but be rich or have all of the creativity and be poor?

Would you rather have a dog that always pees on the floor but saves your life once a month or have a cat that always scratches your face but finds you a million dollars a year?

Would you rather have ten spiders living above your bed but they never bite you or get bit by a mystery spider once a week?

Would you rather always take rides from strangers but always get where you're going or always drive yourself but always get lost for at least an hour?

Would you rather take a long vacation but constantly miss home or never take a vacation but always want to go somewhere?

Would you rather always have to eat blindfolded but never pay for a meal or always see what you're eating but always have to pay double for the meal?

Would you rather have thirty fingers or thirty toes?

Would you rather have a single color in your house or have every color splashed on one wall?

Would you rather have the best pickup lines but no one bites or have the worst pickup lines but only your third choice bites?

Would you rather always have breath that smells like garlic or always have breath that smells like onions?

Would you rather have a tattoo on your forehead or your chin?

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