Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Hair Color

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About This Quiz

“Would You Rather” is more than just a fun game. Though, of course, it is quite fun. But the choices that you make when playing a game of “Would You Rather” say something about who you are as a person. Because the questions are difficult and there are never any obvious answers, the choices that you make are unique to you. For example, you and your close friends are much more likely to pick the same answers in a “Would You Rather” game than you and your worst enemy, or somebody who has a completely different world view from you.

Similarly, your hair color can have some implications about who you are. Sure, it’s not an exact science, but we do know that blondes have more fun, after all. And what is it that they say about redheads being fiery? We admit that, to a certain extent, these are just stereotypes, but most cliches come from a place of some truth.

So if you’re curious whether or not your “Would You Rather” choices match your hair color, try out this quiz. We’ll guess your hair color based on your answers to these complicated scenarios, and you can see if we were right. Ready to get started?

Would you rather have knitting needles or flashlights for hands?

Would you rather never wear black again or never wear pants again?

Would you rather have to scream or whisper every word you say?

Would you rather lose all of your family photos or all of your medical records?

Would you rather have everybody in the world know who you are or have only one person know who you are?

Would you rather say all your thoughts out loud or never be allowed to speak your thoughts?

Would you rather only wear clothes that are too small or too big?

Would you rather live alone or live with 20 people?

Would you rather always have a buzzing noise in your ear or always have a rock in your shoe?

Would you rather never use the internet again or never go outside again?

Would you rather never see color or never hear music?

Would you rather marry someone you don't love or be single forever?

Would you rather have an easy job that takes 60 hours a week or have a very hard job that takes 30 hours a week?

Would you rather only talk to adults forever or only talk to children forever?

Would you rather never have feelings again or only have negative feelings?

Would you rather forget everything after 10 minutes or never forget anything?

Would you rather always be itchy or always be cold?

Would you rather have invisibility or be able to fly?

Would you rather not be able to speak or not be able to read?

Would you rather have true love or be rich and famous?

Would you rather explore a new planet or write the next Great Novel?

Would you rather be addicted to love or to gambling?

Would you rather live in the year 1550 or 2150?

Would you rather control water or control fire?

Would you rather be 15 years old forever or be 60 years old forever?

Would you rather speak 10 languages or speak to animals?

Would you rather have your sneezes sound like a car horn or always sneeze 10 times in a row?

Would you rather be beautiful but stupid or ugly but smart?

Would you rather not need to eat to survive or not need to breathe to survive?

Would you rather never eat fruit again or never eat meat again?

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