Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess How Many Tattoos and Piercings You Have!

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For some, piercings and tattoos are like eating potato chips: you can never stop at just one. The first evidence of piercing predates Jesus Christ: the oldest instance of a piercing is on Otzi the Iceman, a mummy discovered in the Alps. The cold weather helped preserve the body enough to show that the earlobes had been pierced as well as stretched.  His age? Archaeologists estimate that he is over 5,300 years old.   

Even older than piercings are tattoos: archaeologists discovered tools that are around 12,000 years old. People from criminals and soldiers to royalty have all been guilty of wearing a little ink from time to time.  

Why do people get tattoos or piercings? For some, it is to celebrate entry into womanhood: in many Indian societies, girls receive piercings when they hit puberty. For others, it is as a sign of rebellion against authority.  And most commonly, it is a form of self-expression that helps give uniqueness to an individual's body.

So the question is, do you think we could guess how many piercings and tattoos you have? One way to find out is to take this quiz!

Would you rather visit a piano bar or a dive bar?

Would you rather eat popcorn or candy at the movies?

Would you rather surf or sunbathe at the beach?

Would you rather attend a rock concert or watch a play at the theater?

Would you rather eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Would you rather watch a football game or play a football game?

Would you rather watch a gory horror movie or a sappy romantic comedy?

Would you rather be trapped in a rainstorm or a snowstorm?

Would you rather visit the city or the country?

Would you rather play a board game or a video game?

Would you rather lick someone's eyeball or suck on someone's earlobe?

Would you rather go blind or deaf?

Would you rather get a color tattoo or a black and white tattoo?

Would you rather get a floral or a tribal tattoo?

Would you rather get an eyebrow piercing or a nose piercing?

Would you rather get a lobe or industrial piercing?

Would you rather date someone with a criminal past or a compulsive gambler?

Would you rather ride a motorcycle or bicycle?

Would you rather date someone covered in tattoos or someone with a lot of piercings?

Would you rather get arrested for shoplifting or for disorderly conduct?

Would you rather wear a wedding ring or a wedding tattoo?

Would you rather go on a blind date or a job interview?

Would you rather read a biography or a graphic novel?

Would you rather hang out with Batman or Deadpool?

Would you rather wear combat boots or flats to a party?

Would you rather see a movie based on a Marvel comic or a DC comic?

Would you rather wear shoes with socks or shoes without socks?

Would you rather eat steak or tofu?

Would you rather drink soda or iced tea?

Would you rather wear sunscreen or avoid going out during the summer?

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