Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your IQ

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If there's one thing people are always dying to know, it's how intelligent they are. There are as many different kinds of IQ tests as there are people eager to take them.  So many of them rely on the same kind of old-school, dry and boring kind of evaluation methods though, don't they?  They'll ask you questions about things like math or geography.  Does knowing the capital of Luxembourg really determine just how intelligent you are?  Don't you learn a lot more about yourself if you can explain if you'd rather visit the capital of Luxembourg or visit the moon?  Call us crazy, but we'd rather know what you prefer.

In the spirit of choices being the window to your true intellect, we're going to put forth this challenge to you.  Answer a handful of seriously in-depth "would you rather" scenarios and we'll use that information to determine precisely what your true IQ really is.  No stuffy and boring general knowledge sorts of standardized test questions here, we're getting to the real meat and potatoes of who you are and what makes you tick.  Say, would you rather have meat or potatoes for dinner?  Don't answer that just yet, save it for the quiz!

Would you rather commute to work on a dirty subway or walk the whole way in the rain?

Would you rather travel 100 miles to visit your in-laws for a day or have them come visit you for a week?

Would you rather get a free meal at a so-so restaurant or pay double at a really good restaurant?

Would you rather go swimming in a cold lake or at a crowded pool?

Would you rather walk 10 miles or ride a bike one mile uphill to get to work?

Would you rather fight a single horse-sized duck or a dozen duck-sized horses?

Would you rather eat breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

Would you rather go down a steep water slide or try out a zip line?

Would you rather spend all day fixing a broken appliance in your house or spend $100 to have it fixed in an hour?

Would you rather compete at the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics?

Would you rather only play with a puppy or a kitten?

Would you rather have one really interesting channel on your TV or 100 shrug-worthy ones?

Would you rather read a great book or watch the amazing movie adaptation?

Would you rather take charge of a team or be a team member following direction?

Would you rather use Android or iPhone?

Would you rather take a luxury cruise or fly first class?

Would you rather live in the heart of a big city or out in the country?

Would you rather be remembered for something silly or be forgotten after doing something amazing?

Would you rather give up the internet or your ability to hear?

Would you rather be chased by a vampire or a werewolf?

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous artist?

Would you rather watch a movie with poor writing or poor acting?

Would you rather go on a single date with the most gorgeous person you've ever seen who's also rather dull or 10 dates with someone who's incredibly interesting but not very attractive?

Would you rather buy an unreliable car for $1,000 or an amazing car for $40,000?

Would you rather go on vacation to someplace that's very historical or someplace that's designed for fun?

Would you rather solve a riddle or solve a puzzle?

Would you rather work one-half day on the weekend or one extra hour every day during the week?

Would you rather learn a new language or learn a new skill?

Would you rather have love or money?

Would you rather win the lottery or earn a PhD?

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